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1. my ending world

If the world were to end. If the sky were to collapse over my, swallow me whole. I wouldn't anything, well, except run to you. I could be staring down the barrel of a gun, the bullet moments from my head, and I would remember you. I could jump from a bridge, with not a tear on my cheeks, and yet I would still remember you. I could forget everything in the world, my name, my home, the sweet taste of sugar on my lips, but I would still remember your name. I could marry a handsome man, have beautiful children, but his name would not feel as good as yours always did on mine.

Your lips were my sugar. Your eyes were the oceans I swam in. Your voice sang me to euphoria. Those arms held me so close my galaxy of broken pieces seemed to fit back together again, seemed to fix my broken soul. You were my drug. You kept me alive, kept breath in my lungs.

But that's wasn't the case, was it?

The world ended, because you didn't love me. Your finger would pull the trigger of the gun pressed to my head. I would jump from that bridge because of the words leaking from your toxic lips. I would lose my memory for your mistakes. Your name only tasted so sweet from those empty promises. You fixed my galaxy of broken pieces, only to break me again.

So I need to fix myself. Because after all, you can't be worth it. I love you, no doubt, but I can't die for someone who won't even remember my name. So this is my signing off, this is my leaving to find a way to fix myself.

Even if that means maybe I won't wake up.

But even after all that, I would wake up if you called my name.

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