One Last Love

"There was a little bit of devil in those angel eyes of hers..." You've lived. Heck you've even died. You've gone to hell and back, you've fallen from heaven too. You don't belong anywhere. Your a dark angel. No time for love. Love is pain. Pain is hurt. And hurt is all you've ever experienced. But what happens when your drawn to him? You want to stay away...but you can't. You have to know more about him. But...can you trust him with your secrets?


2. What The What

I walk into school to find it empty. Empty?? Why is it empty? Maybe everyone's jus in class. Wouldn't some students be in the hall though? I think as I wander around the halls looking for some sign of people. There's no sign of anyone. Until I turn around and see Nick dart around the corner.

"Wait!" I call after him. I run faster than any human being possibly could. I catch up to him and block his path. "Where are you going?" I inquire.

"How do you run so fast?" He retorts.

"What is going on?" I shoot back.

"I dunno. You tell me!" He throws his hands up in the air clearly frustrated. He's kinda cute when he's frustrated. I think as he starts walking away. I grab his hand and spin him back around to face me. He's closer than I expect tho, his face mere inches from mine.

"Don't walk away from me." I whisper. My voice cracking under all my feelings. I like you. I like you near. I like you close. I like knowing that I have a friend in you. That I can trust you. I don't want you to walk away. I don't want you to leave me. Ever. I think, so happy that he can't hear my thoughts.

"Why not?" He whispers leaving closer to my face.

"Because.......I like you." I whisper back.

Then........I kiss him.

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