One Last Love

"There was a little bit of devil in those angel eyes of hers..." You've lived. Heck you've even died. You've gone to hell and back, you've fallen from heaven too. You don't belong anywhere. Your a dark angel. No time for love. Love is pain. Pain is hurt. And hurt is all you've ever experienced. But what happens when your drawn to him? You want to stay away...but you can't. You have to know more about him. But...can you trust him with your secrets?


1. New School

I hustle into my 1st class. English with Mrs.Wesley. As I walk in everyone turns to stare at me. They take in my blue hair, and my black clothes, my icy blue eyes and my lean tall stature. A couple of boys raise their eyebrows, a couple of girls snicker. I advert my eyes to the teacher looking at her full on in the face. My stare is enough to make anyone melt. She shifts uncomfortably under my searching gaze.

"Are" She clears her throat and shuffles through some of her papers. She pulls one out and looks back up at me, avoiding eye contact. "Are you Emiliee Wings?" She finishes her sentence.

"Yes ma'am." I answer slightly curtsying. The room starts off in excited whispers. I can hear what they are saying.

"Ooooh she's that new girl I hear about. She got kicked out of her last school." Says one blonde.

"She's kinda a babe." Says a boy with brown hair in his eyes.

"I'll bet she had to dye her own hair!" Snickers a brunette. I turn away from all the chatter of the students. If only they knew, i think to myself. My hair is actually naturally this color. The color of pure ice. The color of my eyes. I have a heart of fire but a mind of ice.

"Ms.Wings?" Says the teacher, putting my gaze back on her. She's still adverting my eyes. "You can sit over by Nick Bennett." She points toward a desk in the middle of the room but off over to the left a bit. The sharing desk partner (Nick Bennett) looks at me through bits of his wavy brown hair that's in his chocolate brown eyes. He has on a black leather jacket with jeans and a t-shirt. He's a bad boy. He's kind of attractive tho. The way he looks up at me through his lashes as I approach my new desk with him makes my stomach start to have butterflies.

"Emiliee Wings? That's a very interesting name." He says as i sit down as far from him as possible.

"Well, I'm full of many interesting surprises other than my name." I retort. Instead of being sassy though, I'm kind of....playful. Like I'm challenging him to challenge me, but not in a mean way. Almost as If I'm....flirting. Whaaaattttt! No! Your not flirting your just having a friendly conversation. With a really cute guy. Oh shut up! I think to myself as I sigh and look back over at him. He's watching me. I can tell he's evaluating me. My hair, my nails, my clothes, my posture, my attitude. My loopy swirly cursive handwriting that's so old timey. I look away from his eyes. I could get lost in those chocolate swirls. But I can't get lost. I don't even have a soul. Vampire angels don't need one. They are angels just as well as they are vampires. And I'm one of them. I groan at myself. I told myself not to think like that. It's not my fault my blood tastes so good. And it's not my fault I killed him, before he killed me. It was self defense. But then I was left to shrivel up in pain. The worst pain you could ever experience is being turned into a vampire. You feel like your whole body is on fire. And all that time all you can think is "kill me now". But I was already a fallen angel before he bit me. Now I'm a dark vampire angel. Something very rare and uncommon. And dangerous. I am dangerous. Very dangerous.

After class I look over at Nick one last time before gathering my books an such. On his way out the door he passes me and I grab his shoulder and look at him full on. My icy blue eyes boring a hole into his warm chocolate ones.

"I'm dangerous. If you knew what's good for you, you would stay away from me." I whisper in his ear before letting go. I turn around so that he can't see my eyes, glistening with tears. I'm not gonna cry. Why should I? It's just another boy trying to get in my life. But he'll only hurt me, and I'll only hurt him. So why try? It's not like we had anything special anyway. We just met. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and I leave the classroom. But I keep on walking. I walk out the front doors of the school. I walk out acrossed the lawn and to the fence surrounding the school on one side. I jump it and walk straight into the Forrest.

I need to hunt.

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