One Last Love

"There was a little bit of devil in those angel eyes of hers..." You've lived. Heck you've even died. You've gone to hell and back, you've fallen from heaven too. You don't belong anywhere. Your a dark angel. No time for love. Love is pain. Pain is hurt. And hurt is all you've ever experienced. But what happens when your drawn to him? You want to stay away...but you can't. You have to know more about him. But...can you trust him with your secrets?


3. Awkward Much?

The next day at school when I walk into Biology, Nick is sitting there waiting for me. I really shouldn't have kissed him. I shouldn't have given him the idea that I like him. But I do. And I wanted to kiss him. It was so nice. Oh but I shouldn't have. I think as I reluctantly go sit in my seat next to him.

"Hey," he says as I sit. "What are you doing after school?"

"Umm I dunno. Going home. Sleeping. Doing homework. Why?" I ask warily, getting my desk and things situated.

"Wanna hang out? Can I come over?" He says, positioning his chair in my direction, all excited about his fun new idea. I stifle my gasp at such a thought. Him? Coming over? To my house? NO! He can't know I don't have any parents. He also can't know that I don't even have a house. I live under a fricken bridge!! I don't sleep anyway. I can't. I also don't eat human food. I mean I can but again that costs money an I don't have any. I'm also not getting a job. I don't need to. Oh but him coming over?!! Someone shoot me. I am broken out of my thoughts by Mrs.Wesley coming in and beginning class. I avoid looking at Nick the whole hour. But I can't focus on what the teacher is saying either. I'm lost in my thoughts. My dark thoughts.

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