Brooke Willow and Antonio have been best friends since they were six, and they've fount each other. Even though Antonio was a giant mutant turtle, Brooke and her grandparents didn't care. They raised him as their own. On the day Brooke graduated from high school, she was suppose to meet up with Antonio. She soon finds a turtle who she thought was Antonio who was actually Mikey, one out of four of the TMNT group. It's love at first site for Mikey. He tries to see her again. Once he does, he figures out he has another brother even though he already had a theory. But what if Brooke's past life with her mother and father is actually intertwined with all the turtles, and she figures out she isn't as different as. But what will happen when Mikey goes a little crazy from jealousy?


2. Mikey

Guilt ran through Mikey as he walked back to his home in the sewers.

In his hand laid a library card of the girl who was chasing him earlier. It must of fell out of her pocket when she fell.

" How could I just leave her there like that?" I shook my head," she needed help, and I just left her there as if she didn't matter."

Of course she matters. Everyone matters in this world, or at least that's what I try to believe in.

" Hey Mikey!" Donnie appeared," where have you've been?! You've been gone for hours! And you didn't answer your turtle com. We were starting to get really worried."

" That's what happens when time flies by in New York," I hid the card," I'm sorry dude. I'll come back earlier next time, and I'll always answer you. I promise."

The truth is I've been looking for that girl, so I could return the card.

" Um ok," Donnie said," are you ok?"

" Yea Donnie," I yawned," I'm just tired."

" Well, we saved some pizza for you," Donnie told me," it's in..."

" I'm good," I walked towards my room," goodnight Donnie."

" Goodnight..." Donnie said confused and worried as ever about his brother.


As I laid down, thoughts ran through my head.

She saw me. She honestly saw me. I was under a light pole when she called me Antonio. I wasn't wearing a trench coat or anything which is against the rules to Master Splinter. She didn't scream or run away. She smiled. She had a beautiful smile. She also had pretty blue eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. And that long dark hair looks so soft, I want to touch it

Why am I thinking like this? It's not like I'm ever going to see her again. She probably thought I was a guy in a costume or something. Man, I must be crazy to think she actually accepted me for what I am, and she wouldn't be scared.

I looked at the library card again.

" Brooke Nightingale Willow," I smiled," that's a nice name."

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