Brooke Willow and Antonio have been best friends since they were six, and they've fount each other. Even though Antonio was a giant mutant turtle, Brooke and her grandparents didn't care. They raised him as their own. On the day Brooke graduated from high school, she was suppose to meet up with Antonio. She soon finds a turtle who she thought was Antonio who was actually Mikey, one out of four of the TMNT group. It's love at first site for Mikey. He tries to see her again. Once he does, he figures out he has another brother even though he already had a theory. But what if Brooke's past life with her mother and father is actually intertwined with all the turtles, and she figures out she isn't as different as. But what will happen when Mikey goes a little crazy from jealousy?


6. Leo

I watched Mikey as he practiced.

He seemed so... different.

His view of things somehow seemed sharp and distracted at the same time. That's not the only thing that's changed. He hasn't been eating as much, and he's mostly in his room all the time. I've took a sneak peak once, or I tried too. He immediately turned me around somehow. I'm really worried. Where did my annoying brother go? The one who would always say something ridiculous and mess up from time to time. The one who hogged all the pizza and would always play video games. The one who would always do pranks and be a pain in Raph's...

That's when he flicked me in the forehead.

" You worry too much," He said calmly.

" What happened to you Mikey?" I asked for the hundredth time.

" I'm the same old Mikey, ok?" He opened up the refrigerator and grabbed an...

" Are you kidding me Mikey?!" I shook my head," an apple?!"

" They're good for you," He smiled.

Holy shit. He's also brushed his teeth.

That's when I ran to his room to find...

It's spotless... Oh my shell... How!?

Also, Raphael was laying on Mikey's bed looking through what appeared to be a sketch book?

Mikey appeared and pushed me out of the way. Angrily, he confronted Raph.

Before Raph could say anything, Mikey yanked the sketch book out of his hand and snapped.


I've never seen Mikey this mad before. His eyes were narrowed and his nostrils flared. His fist were clenched, and he was gritting his teeth. Raph fount it quite amusing though.

" Who's gonna make me?" He smirked.

" You son of a...."

" Mikey," April's voice called out," are you ready to go?"

" Yea," Mikey said," I'll be right there."

He glared at Raph one last time and then left taking the book with him.

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