Brooke Willow and Antonio have been best friends since they were six, and they've fount each other. Even though Antonio was a giant mutant turtle, Brooke and her grandparents didn't care. They raised him as their own. On the day Brooke graduated from high school, she was suppose to meet up with Antonio. She soon finds a turtle who she thought was Antonio who was actually Mikey, one out of four of the TMNT group. It's love at first site for Mikey. He tries to see her again. Once he does, he figures out he has another brother even though he already had a theory. But what if Brooke's past life with her mother and father is actually intertwined with all the turtles, and she figures out she isn't as different as. But what will happen when Mikey goes a little crazy from jealousy?


3. Antonio

I woke up to Brooke sleeping on my shoulder.

Slowly, I exited the grand living room and entered the grand kitchen.

" Hello Miss Medea," I smiled.

" Hello Antonio," She talked in a foreign accent.

Mamaw Willow fired a lot of her staff who she thought that wouldn't accept and would tell the world about me. One day before she could decide who would go, Miss Medea saw me by accident and instantly she made me a hold made meal. She stated in her mind, a child is a child, and they should be treated right, so they'll treat other people right, and it would cause a chain reaction of kindness. Miss Medea has a way of thinking that makes her interesting to me.

" Do you need any help cooking this morning?" I asked.

" No Antonio," She shook her head," I'm good."

" Are you sure?"

She just nodded her head.

" Ok Miss Medea."

As I left her, I could hear Miss Medea say under her breath," What a sweet boy. He asks the same thing everyday."

I went back to the living room to find Brooke gone.

" Brooke?" He looked around.

She really shouldn't be on that foot.

That's when something latched unto my back.

" Gotcha!" She laughed.

" Ok ok you got me," I smiled," but you shouldn't really be on that foot.."

" Oh that," She rolled her eyes," I'm a fast healer remember?"

" Oh yea. That's right. How could I forget?"

" Maybe you don't know me as well as you think," I wrapped my arms around his neck.

" I know everything," I turned my head towards hers.

Before she could say anything, there was a knock on the big double doors.

" Go hide," She told me.

I nodded my head and left her to deal with it.

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