"The bad boy"



5. 💖💖

Emma: lol tru

Jovani: hell nah i'm not trying to die just yet

Emma: nah i don't think so my parents  aren't here they never here they always busy they never have time for me or my little brother like literally never do anything together


Jovanni: so that means i can go to ur house anytime 😉😏

Emma: what about no 😉

Jovanni: y not is it bc i'm ugly 😹😿

Emma: no ur not ugly💜😗

Jovanni: oh i was about to say

Emma: Lmfao😹😹

Jovanni: ily💖💝

Emma: ily 2💖

Jovanni: awww fr but just like friends right

Emma: what would u say if i said i like u as more than a friend

Jovanni: omfg i would say i might have feelings 2 🙊💖

Emma: omg are u serious

Jovani: well yeah i just didn't wanted to say anything bc i though u and  my bro had something since he's always flirting with u

Emma: hell no i dont like ur brother and he knows that goddamn well

Jovanni: dang are u fr

Emma: yes i mean he's cute and  good friends and i mean he's really nice to be around but i like u and not him and he need 2 understand that but he don't want to listen i don't want to give him false alarm or false feelings bc i don't want to hurt him he's like my brother to me but no more than that not trying to be rude or anything but i'm sorry

Jovanni: don't be sorry is not your fault and ur right he should understand that and if he doesn't is his fault bc i think ur made it clear enough  

Emma: well mijo imma go i have a lot of hw see u tmrw

Jovanni: ight mija see tmrw 💖😗

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