"The bad boy"



6. The next morning


*ring* *ring*

Emma: excuse me ms gonzalez can i take this call is importan

Ms gonzalez: sure step outside

Emma:thank you

Ms gonzalez: Np

Emma: hello

Police: hello is this emma lopez

Emma: ummm yes how can i help you

Police: so this is a police officer i'm calling u from a accident i found the identifications and phones of elizabeth lopez and ricardo perez i'm guessing those are ur parents and we found ur number phone in their wallet so we decided to call u and tell u the ur parents had a car accident yesterday night and one of them die and the other one s being translator at the hospital with mayor damages in her head and arms  and we would like for u to come and recognised the body of your father and take care of ur mother hopital issues

Emma: *stars crying* no my parents no plz tell me i'm dreaming 

Police: i'm so sorry

Emma: where do i have to go for my dad's body and in which hospital is my mom

Police: in the morgue and ur mother is in the chippenham hospital

Emma: thanks a lot *still crying*


So next day they see each other in school and jovanni look at emma and  Emma is crying and running really fast  and so jovanni sees her and runs to see what's wrong with emma

Jovanni: emma wait what's wrong plz talk to me

Emma: leave me alone

Joanni: emma plz talk to me

Hugs her

And she's crying in his shoulder

Emma plz tell me what wrong

Jovanni i just got a call saying the one of my parents just die in a car accident and i have to go see to the hospital bc the other one is on comma  and now i have no one else but my friends and idk what to do bc im not old enough to make myself responsible for my mom in the hospital bc i have to be 18 to be able to see my mom and take care of her while she's in the hospital and plus i can't use the money we have until im 18 which it mean we can lose the house and i won't be able to pay the hospital u see y im so worry

Jovanni: emma don't worry about i'll find a way to help u ill tell my parents to help u dont worry look

Mia and isabella are coming

Girls: hey bbyg wait what wrong

Emma:sorry i don't have time to explain i gotta get going but jovanni can tell ya


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