"The bad boy"



2. first day

So me and my best friends were so excited because after this long ass time we are gonna see each other again we were so happy and it was our first day of school well its was ours last year and school and we was happy asf and shit but yeah the day was like the best day ever and ours first day at  school was amazing we meet so cute ass guys one of them i have had a crush on him since 5th grade he is hot as hell  and he finally talked to me  i was really happy if he would it left quicker i would it jump of happiness finally my crush talks to me yas it was amazing and he has a twin brother ugg sometimes i can't tell them apart i always confuse them i call jovani to julian and jovian to julian but anyways these days was amazing and all my friends decided to talk to their crushes and crap like that is was so amazing but imma tell ya some stuff about me well my name is mia i'm 17 years old my b-day is december 31 yeah ik new years yay not really i don't like my b-day it sucks ass thb is does well i have two favorite animals the are monkeys🙊and pandas🐼 those are my two fav animals they are adorable and funny  so yh i have two best friends and i love them so much there names are emma and isabella they always make me laugh my ass out and shit but yeah and they like jc caylen and blake gray so  yeah i'm hoping to atleast have one or two classes with jovani.

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