"The bad boy"



4. 3

Jovani and emma

Omfg idk if i should text emma idk if she is busy or if she doesn't want to talk to me omfg i imma just text her and if she replies imma talk to her all night lol but idk imma just do it probably she won't text me like always at some point she is gonna get tired of texting me first i'm so dumb i should've thought of the first maybe she is tired of texting me first ok imma stop the adn text her and if she is in a good mood and don't have so much he will ask if she wasn't to go out and eat something im dying for her to be my gf


Omg i'm just waiting for jovani to text me probably he doesn't want to talk to me omg i just i love him so much but i think  he still like his ex omg this hurt but i won't text him if he doesn't i always have to stared ours fucking convos and i'm tired of the same shit every time ugh i need to finish this fucking homework awesome fucking ms.fontana left us so much hw and mr.m(dumb ass bitch i hate him so much) he left me hw too ugh fucking hate school.


Jovani: hey beautiful

Emma: hey 😊

Jovani: wyd qt

Emma: nun hbu

Jovani: ehh same just looking for some to do

Emma: it's would be nice if u help me with all these fucking hw (jk let me stopp)

Jovani: lol i will help u tho just leave the window open (let me stop) i will be dead before i get to ur window

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