Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


9. 9

Ender and the others watched in shear horror or sadness as the surface of the planet was hit by a growing ring of fire and destruction leaving a path of smoke and flames in its wake till it covered the entire surface of Hegemon.  In engineering, Nikolai and the others watched in horror as the planet is engulfed in flames and thick smoke as Nikolai gasped, “Oh my God!” On the bridge, Ender began to breath heavily as he tried to stiffly his silent cries but failed as tears rolled down his cheeks and he began to fall towards Joachim’s station till Petra ran over to his side as she yelled, “ENDER!” And she grabbed as Joachim held Ender back and Petra held him as he fell to his knees and embraced him as she tried to comfort Ender.  Julian sighed (with satisfaction), “I wish we can talk more, but as you can see I am a busy man.  After all, I got 24 more worlds to cleanse.” The fighters of the M.D.D. returned to there hangers and the ship pulled around the moon before it went into high speed and left the system.


    Khan’s voice came over the Endeavor’s bridge intercom, “Well, well, the great Andrew Wiggin.  I actually expected more from you, especially when an entire world is at stake.” Ender turned to Petra and reassured her, “I’m all right Petra.  I can take it from here.” He stood up and took a deep breath as he straightened his uniform while Petra retreated back to her station while looking at Ender with a cautious expression even as she sat down.  Suddenly her expression changed  and she began pressing buttons on her console rapidly and looked like she remembered something.  Ender went over to her station with a puzzled expression and asked, “Petra, what is it?” Petra replied, “I’m going to see if I can hack into their systems and drop their shields.” Ender looked surprised and he walked briskly back to his command chair and pressed a button on his arm rest and whispered, “Mr. Delphiki, how much power do we have for the phasers?” Nikolai replied, “Enough for two short bursts.” Khan spoke, “Are you listening Ender?” Ender looked up and spoke loudly, “Sorry, we’re trying to restore power to our main viewer as it short circuited!” Khan replied, “How do I know you are not planning to restore power to your weapons?” Ender then stood between the navigation and helm and said, “Visual.” The main viewer changed to show Khan standing with his arms crossed and Ender opened his arms out before the bridge and said, “Khan, as you see before you my bridge is damaged and our main lights and power are out.” Khan smirked and said, “You are very wise to show me Ender.” He then pointed at Ender and looked like he thought of something and said, “I will make a deal with you.  If you send me the data of your Trans-warp drive, I will spare you and your crew.” Joachim looked upset as he sat back in his seat but Ender shrugged his shoulders and made an agreeable frown and said, “Give me some time to pull up the data and blue prints from our computers.” Khan stated, “I’ll give you 60 seconds captain.” He then walked away with his back to Ender as he pondered over one of the stations behind his command chair.

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