Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


8. 8

The M.D.D. operator called out from his station, “Caesar!  The fighters are focusing their fire forward and the Endeavor has disappeared on the far side of the moon!” Julian smirked and said, “Ender is trying to get behind us and take out our engines, predictable.” Julius then called out, “On my mark!” The M.D.D. started to close in on the fighters but stopped just as it passed the moon.


    On the Endeavor’s bridge, they watched as the moon’s dark surface zipped past the view screen and the rear of the M.D.D. started to appear.  Ender had his hands out as if he was pushing the moon away and pushing the Endeavor forward when the weapons officer said, “Five-seconds.” Ender then tapped one of the panels of the image of the M.D.D. and zoomed in on its engines before tapping a label to his right that read “Torpedoes” and then he called out, “Focus all phaser and UMS fire on the rest of the ship on my mark!” The weapons officer pressed a few buttons on his console and replied, “Ready!” Ender said, “Fire in 3, 2...” Petra yelled, “Incoming port quarter!” The Vengeance flew in from the darkness of space towards the port side of the Endeavor and fired a concentrated  burst of phasers and torpedoes at the UMS’s and blew through a section of them to carve a straight line below the neck of the Endeavor along the main body till it just stopped before it reached the neck of the port nacelle causing multiple explosions in the UMS hanger bays and other parts of the ship.  On the bridge the ship jolted to starboard as some personnel were thrown from their feet or fell from their chairs while Ender was just able to grab the handle bars above him to keep from falling as the Endeavor flew out of the moon’s orbit as it lost control while the Iron Men suits scattered about lifelessly.


    On the bridge of the M.D.D., Julian screamed, “FIRE!” And the weapons officer pressed a button and the fighters peeled away from the front of the M.D.D. as it fired and hit the center of the fighter horseshoe umbrella and they all exploded in a chain reaction.


    On the Endeavor, the bridge crew were able to get back to their stations as the ship righted itself and Ender let go of the handle bar above him and said, “Mr. Weiss what the hell happened?” Joachim shockingly replied, “The Vengeance blasted through the UMS umbrella and our shields sir!” The Endeavor turned and faced the M.D.D.’s aft while on the bridge Ender noticed the Iron Men suit icon blinked red on one of the panels and Ender tapped it but nothing happened.  Ender called out, “What’s wrong with the UMS’s?” Joachim yelled, “Sir we lost all control of the UMS’s!  The control station the suits are connected was hit by the Vengeance’s attack!” Ender called out, “Can we move?” Joachim replied, “Negative sir!  I have no power both main and impulse engines!” Ender pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Mr. Delphiki what the hell is going on?!” The Endeavor violently shook as the Vengeance passed around the starboard side firing its phasers, only to hit the Endeavor’s shields.  Nikolai yelled over the yelling and alarms, “Sir, shields down to 50%!  I have to take the main energizers out cause the coolant system is compromised!” Ender yelled, “Then give me auxiliary power!”


    In engineering, Nikolai is wearing a clear respirator connected to a small pack that is on the right side of his hip as he waited and heard Ender’s reply.  He then rolled his eyes and said dreadfully, “Aye, aye sir.” He worked his way around the engineering crews that are running about with a couple of ruptured vents spewing steam as various alarms were blaring over the noises of the engineers as they yelled at each other, either giving commands or reports, till he reached a control console behind a large viewing glass looking towards the warp core as the ship shook again from another hit and Nikolai pressed a button and yelled, “Sir, shield’s are beginning to fail!” Ender called out over the microphone, “Auxiliary now!” Nikolai cringed with frustration as he pressed a few buttons and yelled, “You got it sir!”  The Endeavor then moved towards the M.D.D. on full impulse as the Vengeance turned from their starboard aft behind them and the weapons officer on the Endeavor’s bridge yelled, “Sir, we’re in weapons range!” Ender yelled back, “Fire torpedoes!” Before he pressed the button a torpedo flew from the Vengeance and hit the center aft of the Endeavor’s neck causing an explosion.  Electrical fires and stem blew in engineering causing two personnel to fly off the upper level and land on the main deck as multiple systems began shutting down.  On the bridge the ship jerked forward and the alert indicator lights exploded from behind as fires spewed where the lights were and the lights around the bridge changed to red and yellow as the main lightening went out.  Two personnel grabbed fire extinguishers below the consoles and began putting out the fires while the weapons officer rapidly pressed the button to fire the torpedoes before he pressed other buttons and then he yelled back, “Sir, I have no control of phasers or torpedoes!” Joachim yelled, “Main engines are offline!” Ender pressed a button on his armrest with frustration and yelled, “Mr. Delphiki...” Nikolai cut him off, “Sir they knocked out the main power junction, there’s nothing I can do!” The ship shook hard as Ender and the rest of the crew held on and Petra yelled, “Shields down to 20%!” Vars called out, “Sir we are being hailed by the M.D.D!” Ender yelled, “Turn off that damn noise and put them on visual!” 


    The red alert alarm went off and the view screen changed from showing Hegemon and the M.D.D. to Julian wearing a military style uniform in grey and black and a black shawl from his right shoulder to his left hip with a single gold star on top as he smirked and said, “Mr. Ender Wiggin, so nice to see you.” He then glanced at Petra’s direction and said, “And Petra Arkanian, you still serve at Ender’s pleasure?” Petra bolted up from her seat with her fists clenched as she looked furious but Ender raised his hand at her and she stopped herself from yelling at Julius.  Ender walked around the screens in front of him till he was in front of both the helm and navigation stations and calmly said, “Julian, please...” Julius looked at Ender firmly as he cut him off, “That is not my name.” Ender looked a little confused and said, “Then who...” Julian stated, “My name is Julian Caesar.” There was silence on the Endeavor’s bridge (even when a couple of crew members turned away to keep from snickering) and Petra called out, “Julian are you crazy?  You are not...” Julian called out away from the screen, “Is the weapon charged?” A firm female voiced, “50% sir!” Ender tried to keep from showing his terrified expression as he called out to Julian, “Julian don’t do this!  There are over 4 billion people down there!” Julian looked down at Ender in anger and firmly replied, “They are weak and imperfect.  Look how easily we were able to destroy their defenses, and we did it to nine other planets as well before we cleansed them.” Ender kept looking at Julian, as well as Petra, as they both ignored the silent gasps and shock looks from the rest of the bridge crew and Ender calmly spoke, “Julian this is not a game.  These people....” Julian made an evil ear splitting laugh and said, “You mean like the one you destroyed the Formic home world?  You were both tricked so easily thinking it was a game when it actually wasn’t and you both still took it seriously and whip the Formics from existence.  I have read your old emails to your sister, Ender, saying you were doing it to protect her.”  Julian then looked angered and said, “Why wouldn’t you do it to protect us?  We are breed to rule!  Your sister is one of the people trying to stop us!  Keep us from our divine right and forced your brother into loosing his rule and into exile!” 


    Ender continued to look on at Julian firmly and unwavered by what he said while now Petra looked stunned by what she heard as Julian continued to speak, “The person that you said you should have been protecting should have been your brother, Peter!  He wanted all of us back home so we can do what we were bread for!” Petra yelled, “Julian you are crazy!” The same female voice on the M.D.D. called out, “95%!”, Julian (filled with rage) screamed at Petra, “CRAZY?  YOU ARE AN IGNORANT FOOL!” Ender calls out, “Says someone who is going around whipping out entire civilizations just because they are not like you or I!” Julian calms a little and says, “I’m not whipping them out just because they are inferior to us.  I’m annihilating them because after the war they tried to use us as tools for their own personal wars at home instead of sending us back to our families like they promised us.  All of our comrades have either suffered or died by their little games and in the end it took your brother to gain the upper hand and was able to put a stop to it all. That is until you killed Achilles, your brother’s right hand man and the vice leader to your brother’s rule.” The female away from the view screen called out, “Armed and ready Caesar!” Ender pleaded, “Julian, please don’t do it!  It’s my fault!  I’ll take full responsibility for what happened!” Petra, Joachim and the rest of the bridge crew looked at him either sadly or alarmed as he continued, “I will beam myself over to you but all I ask is to spare them and my crew!” Julian stared down at Ender expressionless and Ender begged, “Julian, please, I’ll do anything you ask.” Julian then sat in his command chair and smiled, villainously, and said, “How the mighty have fallen, just to spare a planet full of inferiors.” Silence till Julian looked to his right, off screen, and said calmly, “Fire.” Ender screamed (as if in agony), “JULIAN!” The view screen changed back to show the M.D.D. and the planet Hegemon when suddenly the M.D.D. fired its weapon directly at the planet.

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