Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


7. 7

    Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2350.4, my worst fears have come true.  One of the planet’s that was devastated was a result of a device similar to the Little Doctor Commander Arkanian used to destroy the Formic home world.  We are now approaching what we believe is where Khan or Julius are heading to destroy another world filled with life.  I have placed the ship on red alert and both torpedo and phaser crews are manned and ready till I decide whether it is possible to damage the ship where it won’t fire or, if it comes down to it, destroy it.” Ender sat in his command chair as he watched the stars zipped past the main viewer and he said, “Status report.” Petra called out, “All stations and damage control teams are manned and ready sir!  I also detect multiple explosions at our destination and the ships we are following are there as well!” Ender pressed a button on his right arm rest as he stood up and all the transparent panels came down/up in front of him and a handrail appeared above him so he has something to hold onto.  Ender said, “Mr. Weiss you are in charge of the main engines, I’ll handle the thrusters.  Weapons prepare to fire phasers and torpedoes on my mark.  Ms. Arkanian, report any contacts that are coming our way.” Ender then pressed a lighted green button on one of the panels and in a separate hanger, located around the connection station of bath warp nacelles, blue Iron Men suits powered up as they remained in their coffin size hangers.  Ender yelled, “All stations, brace yourselves!” Joachim yelled, “Arriving at our destination in 3, 2, 1!” 


    The Endeavor came out of Trans-warp and right before their eyes the main viewer first showed the stars flying past them till when they stopped multiple fighters and various ships of the International Fleet appeared right in front of them with multiple flashes as they were engaged in a middle of a space battle and the Endeavor shook from the shockwaves of various explosions nearby.  Ender yelled, “RAISE SHIELDS!” He placed his hands just over the panels in front of him and shifted the Endeavor to the right, hard, as the Endeavor began diving/maneuvering to the right, passing underneath a Dreadnought that was breaking apart.  Right before the Endeavor, The Little Doctor held position far in front of the Endeavor and turned to aim at the M class planet before it as the USS Vengeance appeared to the left of the Endeavor.  Ender yelled over the noises of various explosions outside and the alarms, “Please tell me we have comms!” Vars yelled, “Yes sir!” Ender yelled, “Connect me to whoever is in charge of the entire fleet!” The Endeavor shifted around a destroyed frigate but a torpedo struck the left side of the Endeavor’s main body and the ship shook hard and Ender almost lost his footing.  Vars yelled, “Connected now sir!” Ender yelled, “Battle Commander this is Captain Andrew Wiggin of the Federation starship Endeavor, focus all firepower on the M.D.D. and form all your fighters in a horseshoe pattern in front of it!  Have all the dreadnoughts and carriers surround the Vengeance and keep it occupied!  My ship will come about and take out the M.D.D.’s engines, do you copy?” A shocked male voice said, “Mr. Wiggin?  How can you...” Ender yelled, “Just do it!” The voice hesitated, “Ye, yes sir!” The dreadnoughts and carriers started moving away from the rest of the fighters and moved in a circular pattern around the Vengeance and proceeded to fire their gun turrets even as the ships are being ripped apart by multiple phaser and torpedo fire.


    On the bridge of the Vengeance, Khan and the rest of his followers held sat in their seats with ease even as the ship shook lightly and a rough female voice rang out, “Sir!  Ender Wiggin and the USS Endeavor have arrived and are trying to organize the International Fleet against us!” Khan looked perplexed at the woman and said, “Ender, here?  Impossible.” The Vengeance jolted hard to the left and sparks fell from above and the weapons officer yelled, “Their dreadnoughts and carriers are surrounding us!”  Khan firmly replied, “Destroy them.” The officer said, “Yes sir.” Khan said to himself, “They are sacrificing their own ships.  Why are they leaving them exposed to us?” One of Khan’s followers behind him called out, “Sir!  The Endeavor is coordinating the attack!  Captain Wiggin is going after the M.D.D!” Khan looked at the main viewer, filled with rage, as he saw the ships of the International Fleet surrounding the Vengeance while past the blockade the fighters and the Endeavor descended towards the M.D.D. and he yelled, “Destroy them all now!  That starship must be stopped at all costs!” 


    The fighters followed the USS Endeavor towards the M.D.D., which is pulling next to the moon of the M class planet and Ender called out, “UMS, engage defensive shield!” The blue Iron Men suits flew out of their hangers as the doors opened up and they flew around the Endeavor with either bazookas or automatic weapons drawn leaving only the front of the ship exposed.  Ender dragged his left finger around the moon, plotting a course behind the M.D.D. and called out, “All fighters, engage horseshoe!” All the fighters then started moving into position in front of the Endeavor.


    Julian Delphiki III was sitting in a rotating chair in the middle of the bridge of the M.D.D. when he saw all the fighters forming a horseshoe pattern, blocking the M.D.D.’s view of the planet he stood up and looked both curious and anger as he said, “What the hell is going on?  Why are they in front of us?” A muscular female at the console to the far left of him called out, “Sir, Lord Singh is hailing us!” Julius replied, “Audio.” Khan spoke firmly, “Caesar, it’s Ender.  He is leading their defense forces.” Julius first looked shocked but quickly smiled with satisfaction and said, “I got this.” Khan sounded puzzled when he asked, “What are you going to do?” Julius replied with a hint of glee, “Give them a taste of being helpless.  Arm the weapon!  Have all our fighters form a barrier around us and make sure nothing gets through!” The fighters left there hangers and surrounded the M.D.D.


    As Ender watched the fighters form a cocoon around the M.D.D. he yelled, “Open fire!” The fighters in the horseshoe fired at the fighters surrounding the M.D.D. as the vast ship moved forward.  Ender then shifted his viewing on the panels from the forward view to the top backside of the moon and he called out, “Have all fighters focus their firepower on the bow of the ship!  We need them to shift there shielding to the forward end so we can have a clear shot of their engines!” Vars replied, “Aye sir!” The shooting from the fighters shifted from around the cover of the fighters of the M.D.D. to the forward quarter as the Endeavor started to swing around the far side of the moon with the UMS cover.

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