Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


6. 6

Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2350.1, it is almost an hour since we detected the two ship’s I believe to be under the command of Julian and Khan and so far we are unable to regain contact.  I am now force to decrease from maximum Trans-warp so the Endeavor won't fly apart.  I had Ms. Vars contact Starfleet Command and ask if there are any Dreadnought class ships in the area and they replied that there is no other Federation starship assigned or sent out this far.  Since this Dreadnought does belong to Khan this leads me to believe the these planetary explosions and Julius and Khan’s presence are somehow connected.” Ender pressed a button on his right armrest and said, “Mr. Delphiki status report.” Nikolai replied with a sound of worry in his voice, “The Trans-warp Drive is still holding sir but I advise that we should slow down.” Ender stated, “Agreed Mr. Delphiki.” He looked at Joachim and said, “Helm drop to Trans-warp 5.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” Ender called out, “All stations go to Yellow alert!” The flashing display lights in the back changed from red to yellow and Ender said, “How far are we from our destination?” Joachim replied, “T minus ten minutes.” Petra yelled, “Sir we have a situation!” Ender, as well as most of the bridge crew, looked at her confused and said, “What is it commander?” Petra pulled out a tablet from her console and disconnected it before she walked fast to Ender’s side and gave him the tablet and said with worry, “These are the readings from one of the planets in the system we are heading before it was destroyed!” Ender looked at the readings and said, “Looks like a habitable planet to me.” Petra replied, “Yes, but at the moment we thought that planet was destroyed I got this.” She pressed a button on the tablet and Ender looked again.  At that moment his eyes widen and his skin turned chalk white, as if he saw a ghost.  Petra looked at him with worry and asked, “Ender?  Is this what I think it is?” 


    Petra shook his shoulder and Ender looked at her and at first looked fearful and then he shook his head and said with alarm, “Assume your station!” She stepped back from him as Ender turned forward and pressed the button on his right arm rest and spoke aloud, “Red Alert!  All hands man your battle stations!” Joachim and the bridge crew looked at him either confused or shocked as the alarm went off and Joachim yelled, “Sir I don’t detect any ships on our present course or where we’re heading!”  Ender said aloud, “How about a warp trail?” After a few moments Petra said, “Sir I detect a warp trail leading away from the second planet in the system!  Two of them!” Joachim asked, “Sir should we pursue?” Ender cringed but then nodded his head and replied, “No, continue on our present course.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” The Endeavor came out of Trans-warp and moved at full impulse as it entered the system, passing and ice planet and another that is bare rock when on the bridge Ender watched the main viewer intently till the rock planet passed from view and when the planet (that had life) came into view, Ender stood up and looked shocked at what he sees before him and breathes, “No, it can’t be.” They saw a planet burning and covered with volcano’s, lava flows and charred landscape.  Petra and the rest of the bridge crew looked in shock and fear at what they saw and Petra turned to Ender and says, “It’s him Ender.  It has to be.” There was a soft beep noise coming from Petra’s scanner and she looked and said, “Sir, sensors detect spacial debris matching that of other space vessels.” Ender (still in shock) said, “What kind?” Petra turned to him both shocked and hurt and said, “Same ships from home.” Ender looked at her even more shocked before he looked back forward and sat in his command chair as he overcame his shock and said, “Joachim, follow the warp trail of those two ships.” Joachim looked at him with a worried expression and said, “Sir, do you think they are the ones responsible...” Ender replied harshly, “They are Lt., follow that warp trail at Trans-warp 7 and maintain battle stations!” Joachim turned forward and said, “Yes captain.” The Endeavor turned around and left the system at full impulse before going into Trans-warp.

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