Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


3. 3

Ender stated, “Captain’s log supplemental, we have been underway for two hours and I had my crew conduct battle station drills in case we do run into trouble.  So far the crew has performed under par but they are steadily improving.” Ender was sitting/lying in bed reading, “The Rise and fall of Julius Caesar” still in his blue uniform when his computer beeped.  He sighed and put the book down before sitting behind his desk and pressed a button next to his computer monitor and said, “Yes?” Petra appeared on the monitor and said, “Sir we are picking up a distress call from a Talarian cruiser and they said their warp engines malfunctioned and radiation is leaking within their ship and need immediate assistance!” Ender looked alert and said, “I’m on my way!  Change course to intercept and increase to Trans-warp six!” Petra replied, “Yes sir!” He turned the monitor off and quickly slipped on his boots before quickly exiting his quarters and walked fast down the hallway till he reached the nearest turbo lift.  When the turbo lift moved up Ender pressed a button on a panel and said, “Ms. Arkanian how far is the ship?” Petra replied, “Four hours at present speed.” The turbo lift doors opened and Ender stepped onto the bridge and quickly assumed his seat after Petra stepped off and pressed a button on his right armrest and said, “Attention crew this is the captain speaking, a Talarian cruiser is in need of immediate assistance.  All medical and engineer personnel standby.  Time to intercept...” Joachim said, “Two hours sir.” Ender said, “Two hours, captain out.” Ender turned to Petra and said, “Have all stations go to red alert.” Petra replied, “Yes sir.” The indicator lights surrounding the turbo lift lite “Red Alert” as personnel about the ship moved with haste.


    The USS Endeavor came out of warp and approached the Talarian cruiser that is adrift and a green like gas spewed astern as Ender and the rest of the bridge crew watched on the main viewer.  Ender said, “Commander, will the leaking reactor affect us?” Petra replied, “Not unless we raise our deflector shields sir.” Ender said, “Mr. Weiss, raise deflector shields.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” Ender said, “Lt. Vars, hail hanger bay.” Vars replied, “Yes sir.” The Deltan pressed a couple of buttons and said, “Channel is open sir.” Ender said, “Doctor Talbot, you ready to receive them?” Talbot replied, “All medical and decontamination teams are standing by captain.” Ender replied, “Good.  Transporter Chief, beam the Talarians to the hanger bay on my mark.” Transporter Chief replied, “Yes sir.” Ender said, “Hail the Talarians.” Vars said, “They are hailing us sir.” Ender said, “On screen.” The view screen showed a male older Talarian and he said, “Who are you!  State your business!” Ender said, “This is Captain Andrew Wiggin of the Federation starship Endeavor!  We are here to assist you!” The Talarian captain eased a little and said, “Captain of the Endeavor this is Captain Kalar, we can’t contain the leak that is coming from our main reactor and is becoming unstable!” Ender said, “Captain Kalar, tell your crew to remain where they are so we can beam you aboard!” Kara nodded in acknowledgment and said, “Thank You captain!” Ender pressed a button on his right armrest and said, “Transporter Chief beam them aboard now!” Transporter Chief replied, “Yes sir!” The Endeavor hovered near the Talarian cruiser  as electrical sparks danced around the warp engines when Lt. Vars said, “Sir, Transporter Chief says they are all aboard!” Ender said, “Acknowledged, helm back us up a safe distance.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” The Endeavor’s impulse engines lighted up as the Endeavor backed up from the cruiser and as the bridge crew saw more electrical sparks spewing around the cruiser Ender said, “Mr. Weiss raise shields!” Joachim replied, “Yes sir!” Just as soon as he replied the Talarian cruiser exploded as the Endeavor shook a little from the shockwave.  Ender said, “Damage report.” Petra replied, “Lost two percent of forward shields captain, that’s all.” Ender said, “Good, locate any nearby Talarian ship and Lt. Vars contact them and tell them what has happened.” Vars replied, “Yes sir.” Ender stood up from his command chair and said, “I’m going to check our guests and talk to their captain.” Petra replied, “Yes sir.” And Ender entered the turbo lift as the doors closed behind him.


    Ender passed a large set of sliding doors and entered the hanger bay and saw a large set of bunks and the Talarians were wearing disposable white coveralls as they were either talking to each other or are sleeping as he entered.  He is able to locate Doctor Talbot as he examined Kalar and Ender said, “What’s the status doctor?” Talbot replied as he continued to scan with his tricorder, “All the Talarians were able to pass through decontamination, but their clothes were heavily radiated and had to be disposed of.” Kalar talked angrily, “They are our uniforms, not yours!  You could have at least give us sealed containers so we can take them back to our homeworld!” Talbot grumbled, “See what I had to deal with captain.” Ender ignored his comment and approached Kalar as he extended his hand and said, “Captain Kalar I’m Captain Wiggin of...” Kalar grabbed his hand and shook it as he replied, “Captain Wiggin we thank you for your hospitality but we need to leave as soon as possible.” Ender looked puzzled and said, “Why is that captain?” Kalar replied, “Because we are not allowed to be on any other warship but our own without the consent of our government.” Talbot turned to Ender and said, “Earlier all of them refused to be decontaminated and they began sitting down and made the most annoying sounds I’ve heard in my life!  That is until I was able to persuade Kalar this had to be done and he stopped them.” Ender stifled a laugh and said, “I would like to see the footage later but I’m curious captain, what caused your warp core to malfunction?” Kalar grimly replied, “I’m sorry captain, but all I can say is we suffered a warp core malfunction and that is all.” Ender smirked and said, “That’s fine captain, I completely understand and thank you for your honesty.” Kalar smiled and said, “Thank You captain!” And Ender walked out of the hanger bay briskly.


    The turbo lift doors opened and Ender entered the bridge and assumed his command chair as he said, “Ms. Arkanian I want you to scan the debris and find out what really caused the meltdown because the captain of the Talarian ship is tight lipped.” Petra continued to look at one of her monitors in her station even as Ender arrived on the bridge and replied dryly, “I’m already ahead of you captain.  I have the scanners and the computer working on the samples from the spacial debris right now.” Ender looked at her with a smirk on his face and stated happily, “Good commander!  Tell me when you get anything.” Petra replied, “Yes sir.”

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