Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


2. 2

Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2349.4, we have finished loading supplies and personnel for our journey deep into unexplored space to investigate a strange phenomenon that left even the most senior scientists baffled and could not explain of multiple planets and systems being destroyed.  Recommendations to our Chief Engineer Nicole Delphiki and the engineering and supply departments for their expedience of loading supplies and making room for the medical teams that are being assigned and getting us underway sooner than me or Commander Arkanian expected.  Even with this news Nicole is hesitant on allowing the medical teams to come aboard as for this class of starship we now have over 930 crewmen out of the 750 that this ship can accommodate under normal circumstances.” Ender stood in front of his command chair and laid out the destination on the display panels in front of him and he observed to his right the ship’s status that is displayed all green and the last panel to his right has all the details of the extra supplies and personnel displayed in red lettering.  He pressed the send button beneath it on the touch panel before pressing a button on his right arm rest and the panels retracted back either to the ceiling or the floor as he sat and Joachim said (with puzzlement), “Sir, is this correct?  We will be traveling fifteen sectors deep into unexplored space?” Ender replied, “Yes Mr. Weiss, that’s correct.  Find us the shortest route to those coordinates and move us out of orbit.” Joachim said, “Yes sir.” Some of the bridge crew looked at each other nervously as they continued doing their duties.


    The USS Endeavor moved out of Starbase 214s orbit at full impulse into space as Joachim pressed a few buttons on his console as he looked at the small star chart that is displayed on his console and a yellow line displayed from where they are to the coordinates and he said, “Course plotted and laid in sir.” Communications said, “Sir, Admiral Lucas says he thanks you for the help in building and protecting his base and wishes us good luck.” Ender said, “Send him my compliments and wish him good luck at his first starbase command.” The communications officer replied, “Yes sir.” Ender pressed a button on his right arm rest and he said, “All stations, prepare for Trans-warp drive.” Everyone on the bridge closed their armrests including Ender and Joachim said, “Trans-warp at your command sir.” The computer voice said, “Full power.” Ender said, “Ahead Trans-warp 4.” Joachim pressed a button on his console and the Endeavor sped straight into deep space leaving a blue and red streak in its wake.


    The view screen showed the stars streaking past them and Ender and everyone on the bridge pushed back their armrests to their normal positions.  Ender pressed a button on his armrest and a whistle blew over the intercom, getting the crews attention as they walked about the ship, and he said, “Attention crew of the Endeavor, for those that are not aware we are heading deep into unexplored space to investigate a space phenomenon that is a growing concern to the Federation.  This phenomenon is causing multiple planets and systems to exploded without any known scientific reason and is spreading to nearby star systems.  We are ordered by Starfleet Command to investigate what’s causing this and find out if there is a way to stop it.” Petra looked at Ender and sees a very concerned look on his face as he continued, “The medical personnel we have taken aboard are here in case any nearby inhabited worlds are affected and need immediate medical assistance.  I expect everyone to do their best so we can come home safely, Wiggin out.” Petra walked over to Ender and put her left hand on his shoulder and said (with concern), “Captain, are you all right?” Ender looked up at Petra and said, “Yes I’m fine commander.  It’s just, what the admiral told us sounds very familiar.” Petra looked around and saw some of the bridge crew looked worried even as they mind their own stations and Petra said, “They are worried.  What do you want them to do captain?” There was a short pause and then Ender said, “Mr. Weiss, notify phaser and torpedo crews and damage control to conduct drills.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” Ender looked over his shoulder at Petra and whispered, “That should keep them busy.” Petra made a single nod in reply and resumed her station.

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