Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


10. 10

Ender leaned a little towards Joachim and whispered, “Target their main drive and weapons targeting systems.” Joachim replied lowly, “I’ll do my best without targeting control sir.” Petra said, “Sir?” Ender walked over to her station as Khan looked over his shoulder at them curiously and Ender straight before Petra as she whispered, “I’m in.” Ender made an unnoticeable nod and Khan called out, “Thirty-seconds captain!” Ender then approached in front of navigation and Joachim’s station and with a hint of anxiety replied, “Khan, how do I know you keep your word?” Khan waved his left hand at him as he smirked and answered, “I have no word to keep captain.  In my judgement you simply have no choice.” Ender looked alert but calmly spoke aloud, “I see, standby to receive the data on our Trans-warp drive!” He turned his back on Khan and faked on readjusted his belt as whispered to Joachim, “Weiss prepare to fire on my command.” Joachim looked down and replied quietly, “Phasers ready.” Khan spoke aloud, “Time’s up captain!” Ender looked at Petra and said, “Ms. Arkanian, are you ready?” Petra replied, “Yes sir.” Ender smirked and said, “Do it.” Petra pushed in numbers and hit transmit on her console.


    On the Vengeance’s bridge, the crew performed their normal duties even as Khan stood and watched Ender through the main viewer when he told him his time was up.  A muscular dark male to the right of Khan stood from his station with a shocked expression and said, “Sir, our shields are dropping!” Khan glared angrily at him and spoke firmly, “Raise them.” The man worked on the controls and buttons on his console rapidly but to no avail as the shield indicator continued to rapidly decrease and then disappear and the man slammed his fists on the console, creating a small dent, and looked back at Khan with pleading eyes and cried out, “I can’t!” Khan and the rest of the bridge crew looked at him and while the rest of the crew looked puzzled Khan looked at with growing fear and he yelled, “Override!” 


    Ender stated loud and firm, “Fire!” A phaser beam fired from the bottom starboard aft quarter of the saucer section and made a half present moon shape hit on the bottom port quarter of the Vengeance’s saucer section before Ender stated again, “Fire!” And a short phaser blast came from the top forward quarter of the Endeavor’s saucer section and hit down the port side of the neck to both torpedo bay’s and set off a small chain reaction of explosions and the bridge of the Vengeance shook violently as sparks fell overhead and Khan fell forward and was just able to break his fall by grabbing the helm.  He pulled himself up and he cringed in anger and he yelled, “Fire!” The weapons officer to his left yelled, “We can’t sir!” Khan grabbed her by the left shoulder and yanked her close to him as he glared at her and yelled, “Why can’t you?” She looked agitated and replied, “They damaged the proton control and destroyed the number one main starboard side torpedo bay!  We must withdraw or else risk the chance of the fires spreading to the main deflector dish and weapon!” Khan stood up while grabbing her by the collar with both hands and yanked her off her seat to eye level as he screamed, “NO!  WE MUST....” Three crewmen from behind grabbed Khan and pulled him away and broke his grip even as he continued yelling and the Vengeance flew away at full impulse to the left, passing over the Endeavor and just missed it from collision.  Khan looked at the main viewer (now calming down and his crewmen let him go) as the weapons officer said, “The Endeavor can wait.” She turned to Khan and grabbed his shoulder and he glared at her while she ignored his threatening expression and stated, “Ender Wiggin is not going anywhere!” The Vengeance then flew behind the dark side of the moon and proceeded at full impulse towards deep space while the Endeavor remained adrift.

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