What Kills Me - Malum

Let's just say... What doesn't kill you, it makes you wish you were dead.


1. The Change ~ Prolouge

Another cut, Michael took a deep breath. 

Another scar, he'd be dead. 




No one truly understood Michael Clifford. He was out of the ordinary, or so they thought. He has the typical teenage depression. He'll be fine. they'd lie. They'd make him hate himself even more. Everyone knows Michael is broken. No one cared. 


Until one day, a suicide attempt changed everything. 



Another cut, Michael took a deep breath. 

Another scar, he lost himself. 



Who knows what it'd take to fix this broken boy? Would anyone try? No one would care, would they?



Boy, was Michael wrong. 






Hi guys. Welcome to my new fanfiction. I thought of this a few months ago, and I finally thought of a prolouge. I hope you enjoy. ~Ash

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