Blue Flame

Magic is non-existent in the modern world. We use science to explain every unknown accident that occurs. When a young girl named Felicity gains the magical power to control fire and ice the government strives to find a scientific answer. They take away her family and hunt her down as she journeys across the country with her new found friend Adam. Felicity on the run from the government does everything she can to get her family back and avoid capture, but is everything she can do enough?


2. Chapter 2

No resources and no shelter, nothing. We were exposed in every possible way. How in the world were we going to make it out of this city? Adam and I sat in a back alley by some dumpsters and trash that littered the ground. Our backpacks were a few feet away. Adam got up and walked over to his bag. “You're getting out of here” he said with a determined look. He reached into his bag and pulled out a gun. I immediately stood up, not knowing he had a gun this whole time. “I’m not gonna shoot you!” he said chuckling. “I’m going to create a diversion to draw the cops away from the exit. Then you slip out and we will meet at the waterfall.” I knew it was our only hope, if i tried to make a big enough ice animal for a diversion I wouldn't have enough strength to walk, I would get caught. This plan, however, would to get Adam caught. “If you aren’t at the waterfall within two hours I’m coming back for you.” I said. “Fine, I gotta make a quick stop and then we’ll head over to the East side of the city.” We walked back to “Helen’s Antique Shop” where I almost got kidnapped. Adam walked in for five minutes and came out with some food and water. He put them in my backpack along with everything from his bag. We stayed quiet on our walk to the border, making sure to stay out of sight. “I’ll run into that shop over there.” he said pointing. “When you hear gunfire and see the police run over that’s when you make your escape.” he explained. “Okay.” I responded. He gave me a hug and started walking. There were only a few people walking around no one wanting to get too close to a line of cops with rifles. Adam crossed the street hiding his gun from view and went into the store. I heard gunfire as planned and saw the cops from the line run toward the store, all except one, I would handle him myself. As soon as the other cops entered the store I sprinted across the street right towards the cop. He pulled out his gun. I did as Adam and I had practiced many times and focused on an ice item I wanted. I felt something form in my left hand, a frozen shield, just as planned. A flame appeared in the other which I threw towards the cop. He shot at me as he jumped to the side. My shield caught the bullet and I jumped over the hood of the police car. I spun in midair as I jumped and threw another flame at the crouching officer. He barely avoided it but didn't want to continue fighting this freak. He ran away valuing his life more then catching some girl. As I ran away from the city towards the woods, I turned back to cop, he pulled out a walkie talkie and started reporting the incident. I kept running farther and farther towards the waterfall. I ran until I made it back to the waterfall deep in the woods. I collected some dry fire wood and made a small camp fire letting a single spark escape my hand. I sat waiting for Adam until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I fell asleep sitting up.


I woke up and looked around, empty, I felt my heart drop knowing Adam didn't make it. Looking around I discovered an envelope on the ground by my now dead fire. I picked it up, lighting the camp fire again, and on the front was my name “Felicity Star.” I opened it up throwing the extra paper scraps into the small camp fire. I found two different letters inside. I opened the first one; a letter from Adam.

Dear Felicity,

I asked Helen the lady who owns “Helen’s Antique Shop.” to give this to you after we escaped. She has connections in the police and FBI. She knows a lot of classified information but doesn’t know anything about your family. If you're reading this I guess that means you’ve made your escape. I had no intention of escaping myself knowing the only way for you to make it out was for me not too. You have to promise not to come back for me. You need to go find your family, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.

I’ll miss you.


Adam Ryder

    I felt a tear fall, making the ink from the paper bleed. Once again someone I thought as more than family had left me on my own. I pulled out the second letter. I opened it and saw that it was written by Helen.

Dear Felicity,

I know we haven’t gotten the chance to meet in person but I thought you might want to know something. Adam doesn’t realize that people can’t just leave him behind as easily as his parents did. He was taken to the Chicago Police Station for questioning last night. If you enter the building through the front doors, take the hallway on the left. Down that hallway is a door at the end, that’s where he is being held. They will keep him there for about 24 hours before moving him to court in New York, after that he’s gone, you won’t get him back. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave this kid behind.



    I stood up grabbed my supply bag and ran back toward the city that I was, a moment ago, relieved to escape from.


    I snuck up to the outside of the city. The cops were gone knowing I had already escaped. I walked into the city using one of the back roads leading out.  I pulled my hoodie on and covered my head. I walked toward the center of the city where the station was located. I went unnoticed as crept up. I stayed close to the sidewalk never looking anyone straight in the eye. I found the station after searching around the city for an hour. As I got closer I realized I had no plan to get him out. I would never make it in and out of building without getting caught. If I did get caught we really would never escape this retched city. I stopped in front of a store near the station and thought, what could I possibly do. An idea flew into my head and I started to walk towards the station again. I walked around to the back of the building and noticed an open window at the left backside corner. I crept up to it and peeked over the edge. I saw an empty room containing a wooden table and a steel chair. Perfect, I thought. A flame appeared same as always in my right hand giving off waves of heat. I backed away from the window and checked the area around me, empty. I ran and jumped right through the open window, rolling as I landed. I got up and jumped on the table. Just above the table is a smoke detector, I reached up flame in hand and shoved the fire right into the smoke detector. Smoke rose from  my hand and the detector started whaling and the sprinkler system activated throughout the building. I crawled back out the window and ran around to the front of the building. Perfect Timing, the police officers had started exiting through the front door. They would have to evacuate the prisoners and suspects in order to keep them safe. That's when I would grab Adam. I watched from a safe distance as more and more people left. I realized as I turned back to the front doors that no one else was exiting the building. The people who were supposed to protect us left Adam in the possible fire, to die. I ran back to the window and jumped in. I ran in the direction of the front doors only knowing how to find Adam from there. I found the front doors and faced away from them. I looked left and saw the hallway Helen had told me about. I ran down it with lightning speed to the last door. It was labeled “Interrogation Room.” I pushed on the handle and pulled the door. It didn’t move, someone had locked Adam in knowing their could be a real fire going on. I looked through the glass window on the door and peeked inside. Another room, like the one I jumped into, was empty, but I saw another door farther into the room where Adam might be. I tried the locked door again. I focused and felt the small ice object land in my hand, an ice key. I jammed it into the lock and turned it. I pushed the door open with ease. I was about to step into the room to find Adam when a metallic 'click' sounded behind me. I froze as a cold metal object was pressed against my head, a gun. I slowly turned with my hands up to see who was there. I turned to see three men in suits all holding a gun. The one in front had his gun pointed between my eyes. My stomach clenched.

 "Come with us and no one gets hurt Miss Star." How the hell did they know my name?! I tried to think of a way out but fear was clouding my thoughts. I had to get Adam out but I can't get caught. Ok, I thought. They are not going to shoot me, at least not to kill. I'm too valuable to them if they went through all this trouble to get me. I let my arms fall to my side. I slipped one arm behind my back and thought of the exact item I wanted. I turned my hand so they couldn't see the small object I was holding. With a flick of my wrist I sent the small ice dagger right into the first mans chest. He doubled over loosing his grip on the gun. In one quick movement I grabbed the gun and threw two more daggers at the other men. I didn't care if it hit them. I ran through the door slamming it shut and locking it with the ice key. I ran to the back room and saw a horrible sight. Adam was passed out on a chair, but in front of him at the other side of the table, were torture tools and syringes. I shivered at the sight as I untied Adam from the chair. I grabbed him and searched for a way out. I pulled him back towards the first room I had come in through. Luck was with me and I saw a window on the wall I was headed toward. I dragged the body behind me as the suited men banged harder on the locked door. 5 feet…..4 feet…..3 feet….2 feet….got it. I grabbed the window sill and with my last bit of energy lifted the window. I lifted up Adam, surprised by how light he was, and pushed him through the window laying him on the ground by the wall. I climbed the rest of the way out and shrank down beside him just as I heard the men burst through the room. Adam was laying on his back barely breathing. I slowly crawled away from the wall dragging Adam along with me to insure a safe distance from the armed men. I looked down at his bloody face and bruised arms. They had tortured him all because of me. 


I carried Adam out of the city using a map I found at a newsstand. The armed men must not have noticed me slip away from the station. Nobody even noticed a girl carrying a body, everyone was gathered around the building. I slipped out of the city unseen through the panic and crowd of citizens of thought the police station might be burning down. I was tired and barely standing by the time I made it to the edge of the forest. I walked to a big tree and laid Adam down in front while I sat next to him. I assessed my injuries and Adam’s. I looked at my leg where most of the pain was coming from. I saw that my healing bullet wound had opened back up creating the opportunity for infection. It was bleeding a lot so I grabbed the small first aid kit Adam had used on it before. The kit now laid at the bottom of my own bag. I pulled it out and got some strips of cloth, used on my wound before. and wrapped it around my leg. Besides that one injury I was fine. Adam on the other hand was not so lucky, they had injected him with something because there was an empty syringe on the table back at the station. He had lots of cuts and bruises from who knows what. I would need to monitor him to make sure he keeps breathing steadily and that no internal injuries were obtained during his torture. After a few minutes of silence I started feeling drowsy and extremely tired. I knew I couldn’t fall asleep. 


My sister was standing in front of me crying, reaching out towards me. I ran towards her calling her name. A infinite amount of space separating us. Her tears turned red, she was bleeding. Bleeding out in front of me, there was nothing I could do to save her. She fell onto the ground, her loud breaths stopped. I stopped running and fell onto my knees. My sister raised her head one last time. Her face smeared in blood. “”

I woke up sweating like crazy and breathing heavily against the tree. I heard coughing and looked down at Adam. He was struggling to breath, for an unknown reason. I scrambled onto my knees when he stopped breathing and started CPR. I leaned down and started mouth to mouth. “Adam don't you dare die!” I needed him more than anyone. I continued CPR for two minutes, until I leaned back tears streaming down my face. Words couldn’t describe everything I was feeling in that moment. “I need you!” I said knowing he’s gone.


A Miracle couldn’t even describe what happened next. He jolted and coughed, taking in long breaths as he came back to life. He rolled over and continued coughing over and over. I fell on all fours in complete shock at the living breathing person in front of me. He turned back over, his head now right under mine.  “I need you too” he said smiling that rare smile I've missed so much. I pulled him into a tight hug relieved I wouldn't have to be alone.


Fire, food, water, all the things we needed to, once again, travel to another destination. We had all those things, except for a destination. We had nowhere to go, no leads on my family, and no news about the police. I have no idea what to do. Adam was sleeping next to me still recovering.  I decided to make a decision when he wakes up, maybe while he was at the police station he got some more information.


    A few hours later Adam was up but still not back to full strength. I decided to ask him about what we were going to do next, he seemed to be in a pretty good mood after being resurrected from the dead.

“So Adam….did you happen to get any information about my parents while you were being....interrogated?” I asked trying not to use the word "torture."

“I did actually.” he responded with a smirk.

I was shocked, I had thought he didn’t get anything and that asking was a long shot.

“Well what did you find out!” I exclaimed.

“Apparently you parents, I’m not sure about your sisters, are being held at the International Security Base in….California.” He said his face darkened as he said this.

School had taught me at least something cause even I know how far away California is. On foot it could take weeks to get there. I slowly sank to the ground a small tear rolling down my cheek. By the time we got to them if we even had a chance to save them there was no doubt they would be dead, or I would. All the hope I had of finding them and saving them like they saved me evaporated. No hope, no family, no life. Adam was all I had left.

“Do you think I would let your family die?” he said as he sat down in front of me.

I didn’t respond, not even he could save my family this time.

“I know I guy who can get us to California in five days.” he said.

I looked up at him tears now streaming down my face.

“Really.” I said.

“Yep as real as you and me.” He said.


“The names Jimmy call me Jim for short.” said the tall man now standing in front of me. From his crooked nose to his long skinny legs I was surprised this man was somehow going to get us to California in five days. He walked over to a small shed surrounded by the trees of the forest we stood in. I still didn’t trust Jim but for some reason Adam did, and I trusted Adam. Jim pulled the giant sliding door to the side. A large object covered by some type of tarp sat inside. The walls of the shed seemed like they would crumble at any moment but, Jim walked right into the crumbling little shed. He pulled the tarp off and revealed an old rusty car.

“This is how we're going to get to California?” I asked. I was hoping for a really nice sleek Ferrari but I guess this would have to do.

“Hey if you don’t want this beauty I’ll just cover it back up and you can walk there.” Jim said defensively.

“No no it’s fine, how long will it take us to get there?” Adam asked from behind me.

“Well I’ll fix some parts that need repairing today and we will leave tomorrow. Will have to make some stops for tire changes and gas along the way...I would say… four days.”

Four days! That’s amazing, in about a week I could save my entire family! I thanked Jim for helping us. Adam and I agreed to meet him at noon the next day. We walked back to our camp together thinking about our next journey.


We drove for five hours then stopped to take a break, then went back on the road for another four. We were on our way to California! Every once in awhile, Adam and I would see a poster with our faces on them and the words WANTED at the bottom. We stayed hidden the entire four days and never ran into any problems. I felt like something was bound to go wrong soon, if so, I better enjoy the time I have.

Let me know what you think! Should they trust Jim? <3

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