The bad day


4. Chapter 4

On day isabll was at a party and she was dancing on the floor as a pitbull  and jlo song was on.Then just when the song ends carling sed issy your turn to be dj.izzy sed ok with a sad face all izzy what's to do is dance. Izzy looked at the time it was 7:30pm izzy put on a britney spears song on.Connor G was dancing and acting crazy.then a half in an hour passed and it was 8:00 and avril lavigne was playing then r.D yelled hello kitty!ten izzy sed hey D WHY!Mr.D sed cuz i love this party and i dont have to deel with my wife and doghter yay whit shontell venessa sorry Izzy i have to go as he shoot out i am coming for you shontell and venessa and he is off Izzy sed.Oh hey Izzy Sal sed.Izzy sed SAL GET AWAY YOU ARE SOO GROS.Sal sed fine as he waked away from Izzy.Then the clok struk 9:00 and and Melcome and Curtis sed Izzy your party is lame and then thay laft.then Saxon and Scott sed oh Izzy this party is the and then Izzy sed thx you guys and she smiled.Then izzy sed hey sara i thot you sed you canr come.sara sed ya well i did cuz carling made me come she sed that she has no one will go with her.Then Abby sed hey Izzy did you get everything redy for Jams Essence and connor B.Izzy sed yes i have every thing redy.hey Abby sins you when to me can you go dance with sam for me plesse.Abby sed YES THX IZZY YOU ARE THE BEST!Then Sal came over to Izzy and sed um Izzy we have a problem.Izzy sed what did you do Sal.Sal sed nothing just fandout that Megen cant get James to come eith her and he is comeing NOW!Izzy sed WHAT!Then se yelled GAVIN I NEED YOU NOW!Gavin ran to Izzy and sed what.Izzy sed go get James Megen cant keep James in her moms car so we need you Sal you go chek on shannon and see how she is going with connor B.Sal sed on it.After 43 minits Sal sed ok so Shannon sed she is not wth Connor B she is in the male with page.WHAT OK OLIVIA WE NEED YOU!Olivia sed yeeeees.Izzy sed go get Connor B shannon did not do her job right.Olivia sed on it.Sal whane and sed um Izzy calli is on her way with Essence.Izzy sed OK EVERY ONE PLACES NOW ESSENCE CONNOR AND JAMES ARE ON THERE WAY!then Izzy sed MATTHEW L GO TO THE FOOD BAR!Matthew sed ON IT!Izzy sed JOSH M YOU GO WITH MATTEW!JOSH M SED FINE!and know Izzy sed DEREK ELLIE YOU GO TO THE DRIKE BAR!Izzy sed JEREMY DJ GO STOP THE MUSEC AND START WHEN ESSENCE CONNOR B AND JAMES.NOW EVERY ONE HIDE yelled Izzy.2minits later Essence Connor B and James 

came and essence sed um connor can you come with me for a minite.connor sed ok.Then Essence took Connor outside and essence sed to essence when you where looking for me was taking to james about how he loves Abby and you know how you sed melcome loves Samatha well Melcome sed he will ask Sam tonight.Connor sed good.




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