The bad day


2. Chapter 2

One day Tessa was walking to school and it was Tessa's birthday and she was turning 11.on her way to school she saw Josh c and Tessa said hey Josh c.josh said hey happy birthday Tessa.tessa sed thx when Tessa and Josh c got to school tessa and josh waked to language class but tessa had to sit with Ellie and Josh had to sit with Jed.after class Josh sed to Tessa i have to go bye Tessa.Tessa sed ok bye Josh.then Josh left.ater Josh bumped into Jrmmy.And jummy sed oh hey Josh c Josh sed hey Jummy.jummy sed do you whent to wack to class  together Josh.Josh sed ok.As jummy and Josh waked to class Avery sed hey heve you seen sara.Jummy sed yes she is at the offes.Then Avry sed thx Jummy.Then Avry laft to the offes and after Avry left Jummy sed you can come out now Sara.Then Sara pop out of no where and sed ok good.Sara sed oh hi Josh c.Josh sed hi sarac.sara sed well i better go see ya guys with a smily and waked away.then to bell rangh the Jummy o m god sorry Josh i will tell medem why we are late Josh sed it better be good but what thay did not know was Tessa was arand the corner and hured every thing.Then Josh and Jummy waked to class and medem sed oh there you are Josh and Jummy Josh you sit with darik and Jummy you sit with mike.just then Tessa waked in and sed medem an i sit with jacube.medem sed yes Tessa.then after class Tesse sed Josh i hered you taking to Jummy and the way you sed was not ok.Josh sed ok sorry Jummy I will never be you friend ever gaen goodbye Jummy then Josh waked away.Then Jummy sed wow thx Tessa i just lost my baest friend cuz of you.Tessa sed but Jummy i was just trying to help.Jummy sed i dont need your help next time mine you onw bissnes.then Tessa ran off crying                        


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