The bad day


1. The Bad Day

One day there was a girl named abby and abby was going to school one day and on her way Abby saw her friend samatha. samatha was going to school so Abby said hey sammy do you want to wake to school together?samantha sed ok so sam and abby wacke to school when abby and sam got to school they went to math class but Abby had to sit with megan and sam had to sit with shannon after math class sam sed to abby i have to go abby then sam left but on sams way samantha bump into olivia sam and olivia both said hey and then sam said do you want to wake to class together and olivia sed ok so as olivia and sam was waking connor b sed hey do you know where essence is. olivia said no why. connor b sed because i want to tell her something. then sam said oh well she is tacking to james connor sed ok thanks. Sam sed no problem then olivia and sam waked sam and olivia was wakling the bell rang and samatha and olivia where late olivia sed oh wow thx sam you got us late.sam sed it is not my falt.olivia sed i whant to sit with jelly belly sam sed i whand to sit whith mathyou D.Olivia sed the lets go NOW SAM! Sam sed i am coming i am coming.13 minits later olivia and sam got to class and mr d sed your late.Olivia sed i know and i am sorry mr d sam here keep on taking to connor b d sed no caplants Olivia you sit with maddy samatha you sit with trison.Olivia and sam sed ok.After class Olivia sed wow thx sam we are not friends sam sed but.Olivia no buts sam we are not friends and that is it goodbye.


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