Infatuation - Sonnet 18

A sonnet attempt: We all have that one person who's smile brightens your day but they have no clue who you are.


1. I seek your attention but am I worthy of it?

Behold where he stands, with the pride of a lion
The type of boy to steal your heart with just one look
And then there's me hidden like a diamond
My blushing cheeks concealed by a dainty, old book
With every stride a look of determination dawns on his face
But it won't be me who he talks to; no not I
I know that love is nothing but a race
But the pain of losing will surely make me die
A moment of eye contact doesn't go amiss
Despite it only lasting a second
Red, red lips begging for a kiss
Plump and smiling they beckon
I fear that I am not rated
So I remain alone; un-dated

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