For the people who forget


2. The test

I like being perfect. It’s great, I can never do anything wrong. My friends find it a bit annoying but normally I can just avoid their exasperated looks and annoyed stares. Today was different. So we were getting our recent tests back and as usual I didn’t revise because I don’t have to. My friend, May doesn’t have that luxury she has been revising none stop and she has been missing out on lots of group outings because of it. So the teacher announced as she usually did who got the best score. “Well done to all of you but the person with the best score is Hope.” I smiled; I was used to winning this by now. Then she handed the tests out. As she put Mays test on her table she said “May you need to get better results. If you don’t get better marks I might have to get you a tutor. What about Hope she is doing very well. I’m sure with time she could rub off on you.” When may saw her result she groaned. “What did you get?” I asked innocently as if I hadn’t heard the conversation before because eavesdropping is bad manners. Immediately I could sense I had done something wrong. Something inside of her just snapped. “You’re so perfect, aren’t you? You’re just like a robot doing everything everyone says without questioning it. Nobody is that perfect, you need to come to the real world. In the real world perfection isn’t possible.” She shouted at me. Then she walked out. The teacher called after her but she didn’t listen. I wonder if she even heard. I thought over those words for the rest of the day.

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