Diary :: Malum

Welcome to my oh so amazing diary.


12. Nervousness

I took a deep breath as I slowly approached him. Michael was leaning against his locker laughing with his friends, his laugh was so gorgeous. I didn't want to go to him and embarrass myself, maybe I should just wait another day, yeah I'll do that.

But I was too close now and he had already spotted me. "Can I help you?" I'm not sure if it was in a rude way or not but I shrugged it off.

"Uh n-no, I'm sorry." I turned to walk off but got spun back around by Luke. Where the fuck did he come from?

"He wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on a da-" he started but I slapped my hand over his mouth, shaking my head violently. Michael and his friends just looked at us in amusement as I smiled awkwardly, quickly turning around and running down the hall pulling Luke along with me.

"What the hell dude?" Luke placed his hands on his hips; he kind of looked like an angry mother. "Why didn't you just, I don't know, talk to him?"

"I'm nervous okay, that's like asking why haven't you talking to Ashton yet? At least I tried." I snapped making my blond friend shut up instantly. Non of us knew what to say; we didn't want to ruin this blossoming friendship just yet.

I sighed loudly and pulled Luke's tall body into an embrace which felt like it lasted for ages, both of us not wanting to let go of the other. I buried my head in the crook of his neck hearing the soft hums of the blond boy in front of me.

But, it couldn't last forever because the loud ringing sound of the bell had rung throughout the school letting us know it's class time. Oh how I hate school.


short I know, sorry guys. and also sorry for the late update, I've been super busy.

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