Dirty Little Secret... (Draco Malfoy)

Her name was Dylan Summers, many years ago she lived by her best friend, the name of whom is still forgotten today. Her parents were killed in a tragic car accident forcing her to become an orphan, leaving her friend forever... Or so she thought... Many years later she found Hogwarts a school of witchcraft, yes, she was a witch. Little does she know the blonde kid in her dreams was also a wizard.


1. Flashback

Hey... I'm Dylan, yes I'm a girl, and years ago my parents had been killed in a tragic accident forcing me into an orphanage leaving my childhood best friend behind.

Though I can't seem to remember his name I remember what he looked like, silvery-grey eyes, with white blonde hair, he always had the sent of green apples the one smell I came to love in life. After I was forced into this orphanage of muggles, I soon came to know them as, I sat alone an outcast never being adopted.

On my eleventh year of being on this dreaded planet a giant stormed through my door smashing stuff all over the floor, he announced his name to be Hagrid and that he had come to take me to my foreverish home. Hogwarts.

Hours later of traveling over the ocean we reached Britain? Hagrid brought me to a place called Diagon Alley and we went wand shopping after him explaining to me what my blood type is and who I really am. 

The wand maker held out a wand for me and told me "Give it a flick," so I flicked it and the lamp behind him exploded into millions of pieces. "NO NO NO," he tisked, he took out a wand that was made of birch wood with a Dragon Heartstring core the wood wrapped around making a spiral up the shaft of the wand ending at the base with a shimmering crystal, it was 13 inches long fitting in my hand perfectly. 

He also told me to flick this one and the lamp was magically replaced and looked brand new. He looked up "I think your new wand has claimed its master." I nodded my head while paying with what little money I had, and looked up to see Hagrid with a pure black owl with white specks on its face. 

Hagrid had this cheesy look on his face and asked me what I wanted to name him. I thought for a moment "Midnight," I said aloud. He nodded and we walked off to get the rest of my school supplies. Hagrid told me to jump back into his flying motorcycle and we flew off to a train station he left me on the platform and told me to go to the station 9 3/4. Confused I looked around hoping to spot another person with a caged owl, there! I caught sight of a red headed girl and ran up to her. 

Out of breath I told her my name and asked her if she could help me. She nodded and told me her name was Ginny and she was just helping her brother Ron to his first year also. She lead me to a pillar and told me to run through it, then hand my ticket to the conductor.

I ran for it then looked out peering around a corner then I saw it the bright blonde hair I haven't seen in 6 years it was him my best friend since the beginning of my life, he was a wizard and he was still alive he turned towards me shock written over his otherwise rude features. I had found him and he remembered me...

(A/N) I bet you can all guess who it is given the title, sorry for the crap writing I will go through and edit it later.



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