My Salvation

This is the story of Ashlynn, and how Luke Hemmings was her salvation. (so sorry for the cheesyness I dont know how to explain the story.)


3. New Life

 We made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Since it is just my brother and I, we try our best to split all the work.  So today, since my brother and I eat a lot, I made myself 3 pancakes and he made himself 4, then I made the eggs, and he made the bacon. After we finished eating, I took a shower, and then I got dressed. I had on a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain black T-shirt, “It’s going to be hot when we get to Sydney, you might want to rethink your outfit” my brother said as walked out of my room, “Then what should I wear?” I asked partly sarcastic, “Got any shorts?” “No” “What about capris?” “Don’t think so” “Well go into my room and grab a pair of basketball shorts from the box” “Alright, should I change my shirt?” “You’ll be fine” “Okay” I walked into his room and it looked really weird, his dresser wasn’t there, which meant none of his pictures were there. “Which box?” I called out “The one that says pjs” “Okay” I shouted back, then I started looking through the box, I grabbed a pair of black shorts that had those blue streaks of color on the sides. “Hey, when we get there, remind me that we need to go shopping to buy you some shorts” my brother shouted “Okay” I yelled back and walked out of my room “Is this okay?” I asked “Yeah, you look good” “Thanks” I said. “The moving truck should be here in a bit, so start taking your boxes downstairs” “K” So I did as he said and started bringing the boxes downstairs, the truck finally came about 15 minutes after we both got our boxes downstairs. Both Isaac and I helped the people that work for the moving company load the truck, my brother told them the address of the new house. After everything was loaded, we took one last look in the house to make sure we didn’t forget anything; we met back up in the living room. “This is it” I said “We’re starting over” he said “Like I said before; no more heartbreak” “You and me forever?” I asked “You and me forever” he repeated and hugged me “Let’s go” I said. He shut door, and we climbed in our dad’s old truck and drove off to our new life.

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