Maiden of Roses

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1. Maiden of roses

Once, in a faraway land of Akliqa there lived a lady. Her name was Zalyn. She lived alone in a small cottage at the end of the village. Her best friend was a pika named Makil. Zalyn is a total roses lover. She decorated her lawn with 100 kinds of roses. The garden full of roses arching on the pathway and there was a small fountain leading to small carps pond of lilies. The maiden and mistress in the village love to drop by her beautiful garden cafe for tea under her magnificent gondola. It was a lovely heaven! Besides managing her little cafe, Zalyn spend most of her time relaxing in her garden.There are fishes to fed, roses to trim and pond to clean. Sometimes she invite her guests to paint under a big willow tree beside her humble cottage. She also teaches them how to make beautiful paintings for house decorations. Villagers came from near and far to learn from her. As an exchange for her kindness, they willingly share her their livestocks or delicacies with her.Zalyn is one lovely maiden who value creativity and living her life doing what she enjoys. One day, as usual, Zalyn woke up to her ringing alarm clock. It was 5 am. She rushes to the washroom. Zalyn used her homemade selfcare products to clean herself. Shampoo, soap and cleanser made from roses petals made her skin fair and smooth.The natural rose fragrance stick to her as if it was meant for her. She felt so fresh after having a good bath. And then, she wrap herself with blue comfy towel and take her wudu'. Zalyn is preparing herself for her night prayers. It is part of her daily routine to pray tahajjud and recite the Quran beautifully while waiting for Fajr prayer. Deep inside, Zalyn really love the moment when she was praying. Especially during the night prayers when no one else is awake. The serene feeling and coldness of the night make it easier for her to obtain khushuq in her prayer. She was so thankful for being able to pray and feel the humbleness as a slave of God when her head touches the floor during sujood. After each and every prayer, she prayed for her deceased parents and her siblings who lived far away.Her tears running down to her cheery cheeks as she beg for God's forgiveness. Remembering how she feared of not being able to enter Jannah and her longness of meeting her Creator made she teared even more. The sun rises. The brilliant warm beam enter her white windows. She continue with Dhuha prayers to praise her God beauty and greatness before she start her day. "Oh Allah,verily the time of Dhuha is but Your time of Dhuha,all glory is but Your Glory,all beauty is but Your beauty,all strength is but your strength,all power is but Your power,all protection is but Your protection. Oh Allah,if my rezqi is still in the skies.please let it down and if it's still in the ground,please let it out.Please make it easier if it is hard,if it is haraam please make it halal and please make it nearer if it is still far away.The blessings of the time of Dhuha,Your Glory,Your beauty,Your strength and your power,bestow upon us all that you have bestowed unto Your righteous servants" The sun continue to rise. Zalyn approached her golden wooden cupboard to pick her dress for the day. Oh my, there's moth holes in her favourite light skyblue dress. It is time to sew new dress! She picked a light pink plain shawl to match her plum skirt and white blouse. She grap her blue jeans flats, navy jeans handbag and apply some peach lipbalm to complete her casual look. A quick glance to Makil who was fast asleep in her cozy basket. She filled up Makil's food bowl and replaced Makil's water bowl. She locked the door.Before closing the gate she fed her carps and opened her auto roses water sprinkler. Zalyn flipped the signage for Zalyn's Garden Cafe to closed. And she's ready to head the city of Lavi. It's been 3 month since her last visit to the city. She was excited to see the colourful Jovua streetmarket. There's always interesting things to discover at the city biggest streetmarket. Most importantly, she can't wait to see new species of rose at her favourite Miche's garden shop. One hour trip to Lavi, she spend the ride listening to her favourite ballad songs using walkman. 'To the heart' is her favourite song,written and sang by a famous anonymous singer named Gineve. She sang along her favourite singer while enjoying the morning breeze of Akliqa. Soon, she reached Jovua.The busiest and most lively place she ever been to. - Bluesky chiffon - Angelhair pasta - Sikorsky rose - Mikal ribbon - Olive oil - Carp food - Rose fertilizer - Ring =) Zalyn smiled at the last item in her shopping list. A ring. To be truth, Zalyn had never wore any ring or jewelries before. But a guest from a tea party told her that, as women, Zalyn should at least keep a ring for herself. A ring to be inherited to her future child during their maidenhood. She liked the idea and decided to find a silver rose ring. First shop she went was Rubixc JewelHouse, located at the side of Jovua streetmarket. The brightest shop in market, filled with fabulously designed magical stones that capture every girl's attention. Zalyn stood in front of Rubixc and felt nervous since it was her first time in such glamorous place. However, the salesgirl greet her cheerfully. " What a coincidence, it's our lovely Miss Zalyn of roses!~" "My gracious,why it's you Demi.Long time no see! I haven't met you since our painting session last May.Where have you been?" "I'm Rubicx girl now.Hahaha.Hold on, come in, let us chat inside." Demi brought Zalyn to center of the shop to sit surrounded with jewelries in glass boxes. They chat for quite sometime before Zalyn revealed her intention. Knowing how much Zalyn adore roses, Demi showed her 3 most splendid rose themed rings in the shop. 1 was gold ring with pleated gold roses and pearl. Another one is a platinum ring with rose shaped ruby and jade leaves. The last one is a silver ring with small rose shaped alexandrite and diamond leaf. Zalyn was amazed by the beautiful design of the rings, but the last ring caught her eyes.It was calling for her. "Zalyn, I can see your eyes is sparkling for Maiden of Roses.Do you want to try? " " Am I allowed to wear it?" "Of course you can my dear.Here,let me help you." As Zalyn examined the beauty of Maiden of Roses, Demi explained that the Maiden of Roses is a pair ring. The other ring is named Lad of Torns. The pair was ordered to be made by an aristocrat last month for his engagement day. However, the fiance revoke the engagement and Maiden of Roses was returned. In spite of his heartbroken, the guy thought that Maiden of Roses would be wasted if he took it away without any owner to give to.He decided to give it away to be sell to some owner that would treasure it. Zalyn curiousity triggered as Demi finished her story. She told Demi to leave a message to the owner saying that she would treasure the ring and she is thankful for giving her an opportunity to own such a magnificent ring. One ring checked! Next stop is Miche's garden shop. Zalyn smile widens as she near Miche's. So excited to collect her new rose which was in her wishlist ever since last year. Sikorsky rose is a hybrid pink plum, white gradient colored rose. The roses petals are medium sized, the rose fragrance is a hybrid of chinese jasmine and royal british rose but it's fragrance is the strongest in rose species. Sikorsky rose is definitely the most wanted rose for all rose lover. And the fragrance of sikorsky rose reached her senses.She moved faster to meet her dream rose. As she reached Miche's, Zalyn saw one familiar guy in front of the shop trimming his big display sunflowers. It's Miche, the young lad who owns Miche's. " Hi Miche! Peace be upon you.May I meet my dream rose now?" "Zalyn! It's been awhile! Come quick, your sikorsky is ready to get home!" Zalyn almost leap in happiness upon seeing her Sikorsky Rose in blue pearl vase wrapped with transparent plastics. "Thank you so much Miche. I don't know how to repay your kindness.You must've gone through a lot to get me this darling. " "Not to worry my Zalyn, as long as you are paying for it,I have no difficulties.Hahaha" "I will be your customer forever!" Quick chit chat with Miche's is a must thing to do as both of them share the same love in flowers.
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