Can a killer family be a great help to the mistakes of this world ? ..


2. chapter two : What happened

''I'm not like a car you can fix up . I'm never gonna run right . '' Dylan took a look at me then back at his textbook . I was always near the window in class , I would never choose another seat but this one . It keeps me sane from everything around me  . ''Forbidden to remember , Terrified to forget , it was a hard line for you to walk Bo ..We're only trying to help ''  I sighed and tapped my pencil against the wooden desk . The meaning of friends always seemed to bug me because I never really had any true 'Friends ' . Some were there and would just leave the next day of they heard one rumor about me , It never really hurt me but It made me feel confused . Why leave for just one stupid rumor ? Doesn't still get to me . ''Something always brings me back to you '' A scoff came out from me ''Oh yeah ? And what's that ? ''  ''That's the thing...I just don't know '' ''Our shape together right ? '' . Dylan Shrugged now turning his body to me , Both of his arms were in front of his chest and his eyes were on mine . ''I make you nervous '' Oh god not this again , He always does this to me so he can just see one smile appear on my face . Dylan Vincent Delemonte has been my best friend since the beginning of time . [not really we only met in the third grade ] . ''You seriously think that ? ''  He made another smile but it became a cheesy one ''Only if you think I am '' . The bell rang and we both laughed , I obviously lost what I was trying to do . ''Ha , Got it '' Dylan chuckled but suddenly the smile he had on his face became an emotion that was barley shown . Anger but mixed with sadness . Sadie McKelly sat next to him , Whipping her smooth five blonde inch hair to the side . Her green eyes sparkled in the sun since My back was against the chair and she was close to it . Sadie was Dylan's actual first love , They did everything together . Go bike riding , Walks on the beach , Going out to eat and especially having small bon fires ....Just the two of them . 

Until one day Sadie canceled on Dylan for some Volleyball game she had . That was a lie . 

When Dylan called her at eight Pm at night He heard for what seemed a guy moaning her named . He told me he felt his heart stop beating , His mind suddenly became blank and his whole world came crushing down right in his eyes ..He wasn't Dylan anymore . He was No one . Just a boy who got his heart broken into thousand pieces . Nothing was real anymore , It was all just 'going with the flow ' Now . Nothing else . 

''Hey ,Bo '' Sadie whispered , Leaning her chair back to face me . My head slightly tilted to her , I didn't know what to say , How can she be trying to talk to me with my best friend right with us ? Dispicable . '

''What ? '' I scoffed whispering back to her . ''Be careful these next few days . You wouldn't want to sleep '' . She smirked her devilish smile and leaned forward again . Did she just Threaten me ? Or was she just being her old Bitchy self ? I don't even care anymore , She does this to everyone . 


Everyone sat up out of their seats , Quickly packing their things . In the corner of my eye I see Dylan and Sadie all up on each other , Sadie running her finger up and down his chest and Dylan having his eyes on the doorway looking like he wanted to leave but not wanting to hurt her .  ''Come on baby , I'm sorry . You know I love you right ? '' dylan snared at her , His eyes darted at hers and he coughed . I tried to make it look like I wasn't listening to them but I pretty much failed since He took a sorrow look at me . ''Just go away Sadie , I think the guys at the football team need you more '' dylan left Sadie standing up against the wall in defeat .  I hid my chuckle turning away to the window , He walked back and didn't even bother to look at her , Neither would I . ''You comming Bo ? '' I jumped and nodded my head . Sadie hissed and stormed out of the room shoving Him to the side . He closed his eyes in guilt then opened them slowly  , glancing at me . ''I guess you heard ? '' He said walking towards me , Running his hand against the four tables ''Yeah , I did...Was That bad ? '' He shook his head smiling ''No , Come on Bo , Let's get to class before Mr. Hinrichs gives us Detention '' We both laughed and headed onto Science .  

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