Can a killer family be a great help to the mistakes of this world ? ..


3. Chapter two : Stupid puppy love

Dylan's point of view --


'' I'll never forgive myself for leaving you . Not if I lived a hundered years '' I stared at Bo and Davien , Bo's smile looked so real and so full of happiness . Without Her guy Davien , She wouldn't leave her room or even eat something . Life is a dream for the wise , A game for the fools , A comedy for the rich and last but not least.. A tragedy for the poor . The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life , and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds . The people belive in you so much , You start to believe in you too . The people that love you , simply for being you . Those are once in a lifetime people ; I always think to myself that Bo sees that In Davien ...But I see different in him . I see pure destruction and pure sorrow . ''Baabe!! stoop '' She giggled , chasing him across the field . My eyes followed and so did My thoughts . I wanted to protect her , I always do but ..I'm scared she'll choose him over me . That day is soon . I can feel it . 


Davien's point of view --

''Babe??? Where are youuu ??? '' Some people are bad , And struggle everyday to keep it under control . Others  are corrupt to the core and don't give a damn , As long as they don't get caught . I didn't need her to fix me...I didn't need her to love me.. All I needed , well. Wanted . Was her body . That's it but ..something about her made me think way differently . Her eyes sparkled as she looked into mine , The feeling of her heart beat slowly seemed as if she was willing to let me take it . And I can sense that she thought that I wouldn't leave like the rest did...Well luckily . I didn't . I stayed . ''Babe ?! '' I jumped out from the bush and hugged her from behind ''Yes beautiful ? '' she turned around smiling and kissed my lips softly ''Where were you ? '' Dylan rushed down the hill towards us with a bit of anger and disclosure . His palms were sweating and his breathing was define hard . Bo turned to face him with a soft smile , She was also breathing a bit hard , He darted at me then at her , Soon he stayed on her . ''Bo ? Uh we Have um History so uh yeah '' Bo took a look at me and made a sour face . I chuckled and kissed her forehead while looking forward at the field , Her hands tightened on my arms , Letting me know she didn't want to leave but she had to since she's forced to by her parents . '' I'll catch you later princess '' She nodded and kissed me again but it was a bit longer then before . Sort of like three minutes . Dylan let Bo walk in front of him first and followed her afterwards . I love you...Always will . 



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