Can a killer family be a great help to the mistakes of this world ? ..


4. chapter three : He's gone ?! No..NO!!

I already lived through the worst things possible . In comparison why should anything Frighten me now ? . He disappeared like everything else , But who can I tell ? Who else can I tell about the mistakes I've had ? When he left , The absence of him is everywhere I look , It's like a huge whole has been punched through my chest and hitting my heart . But in some sort of way...I'm glad . I'm glad that I have this pain because it leaves me a thought that he was real...That he was there...That he was...Mine . 

If I had to perish it twice , I think I'd know enough Pain , And  to think that destruction Can also be great for the stupid girls...Right ? .  Thing is you might find weird , I never meant to love him , One thing I truly knew -Knew it in the pit of my stomach . In the center of my bones , Knew it from the Back of my head , , to the soles of my feet , Knew it deep into my chest , Was how love gave someone the power to break you . I'd now been broken instead of being repaired like I thought I was gonna be . When I thought of him , His amazing eyes , The powerful dark personality he had , I wanted nothing more than just to be with him ! . Just drown in his warm , Strong hug . ''Before you Bo , My life was...dark , No light , No sunshine NOTHING . But then you showed up , Like a flying star passing by my house or passing through my eyes..But you didn't stop , You stayed with me , Just standing there . So everything to me was on fire but it wasn't a bad fire...No princess , it was the start of My future..And that's you ''  . Tears suddenly started to fall down from my cheeks and down to the inside of my shirt . My heart ached of the pain and pressure it carried , I held onto myself tightly and sobbed louder , the sobs became into yells , And the yells were sounds of Depression , Hurt , Suffer and A broken   heart . ''Why...Why did you go ? '' I finally whispered out to myself , I took a look at the window and It made everything worse for me , I was starting to lose hope that he was gonna return and never leave again . He didn't say any goodbye ! He just let me come home , Seeing all the stuff he gave me gone . Vanished . Like it was ..His to keep . My door opened slightly and It was My brother Chris ''Hey , uh Bo ? '' I didn't bother moving my body around instead i just kept my gaze on The window seal . Chris noticed and walked up behind me , Softly touching my shoulders and making a soft sigh '' Bo...He'll come back . trust me '' The tone of my brother sounded cracked , I could tell he wanted to cry or maybe at least yell for me . ''I heard your shouts from my room and I got worried about you '' I scoffed at him and shook my shoulders , Making his hand come off of me . '' Well I don't I'm fine '' ''You're not fine You're -- '' I stopped him by raising my voice a bit louder ''I'm...Fine '' . Chris didn't say anything instead he just walked away backwards and left the room in Guilt but with a slight of frustration . This isn't the first time I shouted at Chris about something , Things always go wrong for me and I always tell everyone the two amazing words I'm fine . And they just walk away ...Perfect for me . 

Sadie's point of view --

''you can't actually do that ..Can't you ? '' Jennifer traced her hands to my bed and sat down slowly . She was always the worried one out of the group I owned . Then there was Rachel , The Smart one , The one who would always come up with genius ideas and It would always turn out great . Finally their's Jack , The one that is a biiiit like Jennifer but he's kind of like a bait for us . We only use him when it's serious and we might need him a lot for this . ''Well Jen , I need to behave in a way that will cause people to take me seriously '' She argued ''And that's turning into a sex demon ?! '' . She never understood , Rarely she would but it would hardly happen . In the end we were all Just humans , Drunk on the idea that love  , only love , could heal our brokeness . They were wrong , Some of us had to change , And that change was AMAZING ! . ''Oh Jen , You will never understand will you dear ? I did this for the best ''  ''This is wrong Sadie...Bo is a great girl..'' I slapped her across the face , She seen my eyes change to a crimson red which made her eyes widen in fear . Her body shook in terror , Her hair on her arms stood up . I leaned down to her and growled in a whisper making her cringe ''Never..say that...Again ! '' . Once you fight the demons that live inside your head , The ones that live on the outside will never knock on your door . They'll know you're stronger than before ; Jennifer  whispered quietly while leaning up slowly ...Still a bit scared of me . She took a look at the picture of her and her mom and smirked at  ''  Ya know Sadie..My mom always told me that Life is like a box of chocolates , You'll never know what your gonna get '' I lifted my head up and looked at her through the mirror with an evil smirk ''You should listen to your mother Jen...She knows what she's talking about '' I took a slight pause and ripped the picture of Davien and Bo ''Now , Let's have some fun shall we ? '' 

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