Can a killer family be a great help to the mistakes of this world ? ..


7. Chapter five : Countdown

It's already been five days since I've heard from Dylan . Not speaking to him made the whole world seem ..Lonely . Made it seem as if I was the only person in it . Everybody wants happiness , Nobody  wants pain , but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain right ?  I'm guessing right now there are people all over the world who are just like me , They're lonely . they're missing somebody .They're in love with someone who they probably shouldn't be in love with . They can have secrets you wouldn't even believe , Maybe sometimes they look out the window whenever they're in the car , On a bus or even on a train and they watch people...on the streets and sometimes wonder...What they've been through . They wonder if there are people out there just like them ...But then that's when all hope is gone for them because...They don't know if there are .

Suddenly , The lights of the house came down And so did The water sprinklers outside . I sat up from My bed while putting my laptop down next to me . The sound of the wooden floor creeked below my feet , Making it hard to stay quiet . The house was silent ; Super silent which made things feel..Weird ? . '''Hello love '' A voice whispered down the stairs , I jumped , Making my back hit up against the wall . My eyes were widened , My heart skipped a thousand beats , My mind went from light  and happiness to pure fear and paranoia . I couldn't say anything back since I was all choked up and scared for my life . ''Oh don't stay quiet now Bo , I heard you minutes ago just typing away on your computer '' my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach , It was getting harder for me to breathe in this just simple hallway ! . How long was he here ? How long was he listening to my movements ?! I looked to the side and caught my phone lying right on top of my computer ; He spoke again but this time he was getting closer to the steps . '''Ooooh Boooo , I'm coming for ya '' I quickly darted to my room slamming the door shut . I threw myself onto my bed and began to dial 911 but before I knew it , I remembered the power was out ''oh come on Bo , I only want to have a bit of chit chat with you '' I Can see his shoes right in front of the door , He knocked and knocked as soft but as loud as he could . I crawled more back on my bed , leaning my body against my wall . I was trapped in my house with a complete stranger , Who prooobably wants to kill me . ''What do you want ?! Just go away ! '' I cried out but that only made things worse . His hands touched the floor wood and his eyes met along the line of the door . ''I said it a bunch of times Bo , Or do I have to make myself more clear ? I want you . ''  The sound of his tone sounded as if he was a craved killer just waiting to get his hands on me and just waiting to finish me off . 

''Just go away ! I'll call the police ! '' I could hear a insane chuckle come out of his mouth . He put his knife right in front of him , His cheek still on the floor . ''How ? With what phone ? '' finally he gave in and stood up impatiently . I didn't know what was his next plan so I got up as well and walked straight to my closet . Was he going to try to break in ? Was he going to call for help ? Many questions surrounded my head but none of them seemed to be coming true . I mean for all I know he could still be standing out there just waiting for me to come out and try to run for my life . But that's not gonna happen . 

Killer's point of view ----

''dude she's not giving in , I give up '' Jack snarled , His mask almost came off as he turned his head around in full speed . Nina worried , so she spoke ''Why don't I try to help ? '' Zero scoffed at her , Knowing Zero , she would always try to take someone's place in a kill . Especially if that someone was Nina . ''Let me go for it , I'll barge right in ! '' . Jack waved his arm at her for a no , Our job was to kidnap her and make bring her to our boss but it seems like that Ain't happening . ''Look , Why don't I go in there ? Besides I'm the only one here who still looks human '' Jack said ''With six tongues ? '' I teased which made him give me a dirty look ''Sorry '' . Jack and Zero walked towards the house leaving their gear with me and Nina . 


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