Can a killer family be a great help to the mistakes of this world ? ..


1. Chapter one : The fall

The absence of him is everywhere I look...I never felt normal ,because I'm not normal , I don't want to be . No one has ever loved me as much as he did , Does he have any idea how important he is to me ? Any concept at all ?..

''I'll never let any one hurt you '' He said Before he kissed my forehead for what seemed like a second before letting go of me and walking off to his own world . He would always have his arms around me , I could have faced anything with him by my side , The world was our enemy and we were the veterans . It was our simple everyday routine . ''You don't know anything '' His voice echoed through my mind ''Much of life is about failure , Whether we acknowledge it or not '' .It continued . I'm not technically breaking his rules , He did say I couldn't see him anymore but he didn't say anything about thinking about him and keeping our pictures ...
I can't live in a world when you don't exist with me in it . He's like the flames to My water , He makes every problem vanish into thin air with just one simple kiss or With the warmest hugs . I am unconditionally and Incredibly in love with Davien Scott . 

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