Death Row || C.H fan fiction||

Merida Melanie, date of death not decided. Days on death row 1. Reason: Murdering 4 people. Calum Hood, date of death not decided, days on death row 1. Reason: Murdering 4 people. what do you do when you meet the person who helped you kill 4 people for the first time, inside the prison.


1. Prolougue

"My decision is clear, you will be sentenced to death, unless evidence proves you are innocent." The judge slammed his hammer on his polished desk before I was pulled up from my seat my face blank. I still do not know what I have done to deserve this. I mean you would too. I was pulled out of my bed at 6am three days ago by police officers running through my house. Pointing guns at me. I've been questioned, I've been humiliated. I'm done. Apparently I helped kill four people with a boy named Calum Hood. Never heard the name. Never seen the face. 

I was ushed outside the building my legs and hands cuffed together. I took a seat in the moving van whilst we waited for one more criminal who would be joining us on the journey. I felt my hands shake slightly before releasing the door had already opened. 

"Oh what a surprise it's a reunion." A sarcastic police officer spat as he pushed a very attractive looking boy into the back of the van. He quickly closed the door and the van started moving forward. 

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice stone cold. 

"Calum, Calum Hood." He replied his voice soft. Realisation hit me, this is the guy people think I helped kill people with. 

"Well I am your accomplice, Merida." I laughed slightly. He chuckled a bit, anything was funny at this time. 

"We have been framed haven't we?" He got serious.


"We need to prove e aren't guilty or we are gonna die"


"How do we do that?"

"I don't know" 

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