Death Row || C.H fan fiction||

Merida Melanie, date of death not decided. Days on death row 1. Reason: Murdering 4 people. Calum Hood, date of death not decided, days on death row 1. Reason: Murdering 4 people. what do you do when you meet the person who helped you kill 4 people for the first time, inside the prison.


2. Chapter One; Who did this to us?

Merida's POV

"We don't know how much time we have, it could be days, weeks, months or years. The court said our date of death has yet to be decided. Calum we need to figure out who framed us, the police running this place will be on high alert because of us, we might not be able to speak much, they will think we are planning an escape!" I rambled from the other side of the fence. Since me and Calum are different genders we are in different parts of the prison. Great. 

We have been stuck in here for over 2 weeks and have grown close. Being on death row is the most horrifying thing in the world. Everyone in this prison has a countdown clock, counting slowly down till the moment they die or the moment they get out. Mine hasn't been determined yet, fun. 

"Merida Melanie! Inside, you have visitors." A very nice looking lady shouted across the yard. We seperated from our spot against the rail, I turned to him saying,

"I'll meet you in the canteen, save me a seat." I smiled, he nodded walking over to a small group of boys. I wandered into the prison building my orange jumpsuit tied around my waist a white tank top the only thing covering my top half.

Even in prison I wanted to look cute. Even with my strawberry blonde hair in messy curls, I haven't exactly been able to brush it. I kept my head up. A smug confident look plastered on it. Reputations keep you going in this place, that's what I have learnt. The first day I was here everyone knew me as the girl who went psycho with her friend and killed innocent people. 

I say everyone but there is only 2 people on death row here. Me and Calum. Everyone else are here for petty crime, drug abuse. For the first time ever people are scared of me. It's kind of nice. 

I arrived at the visitors centre and found my boyfriend, sat at the table in the corner of the room. Fuck. We have been dating for years, we were planning on moving in together the day after I was arrested. For doing nothing. 

"Danny, it's so great to see you." I took a seat across from him. 

"Why did you do it Merida, you are putting me through hell, do you want to get back at me!" He complained. Same old Danny, only thinking of himself. 

"You fucknut, I didn't do anything, I am innocent. I didn't wake up one morning thinking that I wanted to go to prison." I sassed. I have very low patients. 

"Well, thanks to you I might be losing my job. They don't think having someone working for them whose girlfriend is a fucking psycho is a very good idea! So I'm sorry but we have to break up." He tried to sound threatening. I should of known. This cunt. 

"Good riddance, you make me sick. Always thinking of yourself. Maybe you should stop being such an asshole and get a fucking life. Now I'm late for dinner, I'm meeting Calum there to discuss how we are going to get out of this mess because if you haven't noticed Danny I am going to die." I smirked, getting up from my seat. I walked out of the visiting centre accompanied by the same police officer who walked me there. 

"I heard what you were talking about to that boy. I am not suppose to go soft on you guys, for all I know you are a raging psychopath, but nobody should be treated that way. If you are innocent, then you will get out, and find someone new. I promise." The lady said. I nodded in thanks.

"I'm actually a sociopath, a highly functioning sociopath. Psychopaths are people like him." I held a straight face silently holding in my fangirl. Sherlock used to be my favourite TV show, before, well you know.

 I made it to the canteen and grabbed a bread roll and some water. I took a seat at the back with Calum and two guys who looked familiar but I can't remember where from. 

"Merida glad you can join us, who was visiting you?" Calum asked, his eyebrow raised at my angry expression. 

"My douchebag of a boy... ex boyfriend." I corrected myself. He nodded understandingly knowing I would probably tell him everything later when we were in our shared cell. 

They told us when we arrived that everywhere else was full and we would be stuck together. I didn't mind at all, he was the only person I knew. 

"Who are these people joining us?" I asked as polite as I could, my heart was still beating fast and my mind was going crazy from earlier events. 

"Oh this is Michael and Ashton. Two friends of mine from outside of here. Guys this is Merida." He said. 

"Wait known from outside?" I was very confused.

"Yeah I used to be in a gang. The black wolf gang. I got out of it a couple years ago, decided to take up a career, these two were also in the gang. They were the only people I stayed in touch with." He told me, like it was nothing. 

I felt flashbacks hitting me like a truck. 

I was once in a gang, The panthers. We were one of the top most powerful gangs in the country. Alongside the Black Wolves. I was born into the gang, my parents were both part of it. I had to steal, I had to kill. A couple of years ago I ran away, only staying in contact with my best friend Maddie. 

Maybe that's why me and Calum were framed. Our old gangs are coming back to try and kill us. 

"Calum meet me in our cell at midnight. I have someone I need to go speak with." I stood up walking swiftly towards the police station, the place I hoped that police officer would be. 

I may have the answer to me prayers. I might be getting out.

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