An Angel and A Demon

There's a new kid in school. Chance Roberts. Tall, cute, and mysterious. He has a dark secret. Much like me. I feel like I've met him before. Like a dream from a memory. Everyone wants to know more about him including me. He's not too keen to share why he moved. Just that "his family got a new job". But i think there's more than what he's telling us. What is his real reason for coming here? And how does he know so much about me?


4. In My Dreams?

Avery and I walk into our very last class, Biology. Nobody likes Biology, but back in Forks, Biology was the best. It's where Edward and Bella met!!! Here it's just another class. Until I stop dead to find out that no one is sitting where they usually sit. The teacher Mr.Banter looks up at us.

"Glad you could make it to class Ms.Springs and Ms.Collins. There are new seating arrangements now, so neither of you will be partners anymore. Ms.Collins you are now partners with Lola Walle. And Ms.Springs, your new partner is our new student Mr. Chance Roberts." He looks back down and shuffles the papers on his desk.

"What the HECK!" I whisper to Avery before we part ways and find our separate desks. I see her smile and wink at me from across the room and her nod her head towards Chance. I look over at him to find him staring back at me.

"Do do you mind?" I say giving him a look and turning away. He's kinda cute. The way he's looking at you. It's like he's admiring you. Why couldn't you sound any less of an idiot when talking to him? You never hesitate to speak, so why now? I shake my head clearing my thoughts. I look back over at Chance. His lean muscular build, his leaf green piercing eyes. The way he's kinda tilted towards me in his seat. I look back up at his face and find him staring at me again. Watching me watch him. Well this is awkward. I think to myself an start to blush rapidly.

"Do you mind scooting farther away?" I whisper to him while taking my own advice.

"No I like being close to you." He says and scoots closer raising his eyebrows challengingly at me. I like being close to you too.. I shake my head again at that thought.

"I don't like you very much Chance Roberts." I say jus above a whisper. To be honest though, that's a total lie. Why do you look so fucking familiar?

"All the more reason for you to get to know me, Angel." He says and scoots his chair right next to mine. I inch away but I have to admit to myself, I like the feeling of having someone close. I'm always distanced from's better that way though. Then no one would ever have a chance at figuring out my secret.

"Wait...WHAT did you call me?" I hiss under my breath, looking at the teacher to make sure he can't hear me.

"Why, I called you an angel Jamie. A dark angel. Angel for short. My dark angel." He looks at my eyes full on. His warm green eyes melting my icy blue ones like fire on ice. The bell rings and I look away. I start blushing again.

"Glad to get a reaction, Jamie. I'll see you in your dreams." He says. Then he's gone. He just got up and left the room. I look after him, to see where he went, but there's no sign of him anywhere. I gather my books and leave the room. I board the bus and head home. In my dreams....?

Black are my wings,

Dark as night,

Produce a fake smile,

Not worth the fight.

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