Zayn the vampire

This is a story about a sad emo girl and the hot and sexy vampire Zayn. Nobody liked her but one day late at night she heard a moan. Who could it be? And was she in danger? Keep reading to find out!!!!


1. Is this the end?

I sat alone in my room. It was dark and raining. It was raining almost as much as the tears streaming down my cheeks. I cried. Because no one liked me. I was just lonely and emo. But why I thought. Why me? But suddenly I heard something. It sounded like... a moan? My sky blue eyes searched around the room. For anything. An answer... for my life. Suddenly I tripped. "aaaaargh" I landed hard on the floor. Something thick and red dripped down on the floor.. it was... MY BLOOD! I saw my whole life flashing through my eyes. I knew my time had come and I was gonna die. (Even though my soul was already dead) Suddenly a person crawled out of my bed. I flew up on my feet. "WHO DAT!?" I screamed. Then my heart skipped a beat. It was non other than.....





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