The Bad Boy's Girl


6. chapter 4

I had went to a bathroom that I had found by myself, I had closed the door behind me, I could still hear the music playing and then I sighed Looking at myself in the mirror, I didn't think I looked stuck up, I had rested my hands on the sink, and then sighed, Harry's house was nice, I mean, for a guy it looked decent, I wonder if his parents would let him have this party, I wonder where his parents where.

I had grabbed my tie up,slowly pulled my pony tail out of my head, messing it up. I didn't want to feel like I was some kind up tight girl, I sighed, deciding to loosen up, Maybe he was right, But that was who I am to wear my hair up and all.

Once I had got out the bathroom I made my way towards the door brightened up my face so I would not look bored, I made my face look like I was interested but I guess that that was a little to much, I relaxed myself again and just thought about what people did in the movies, I mean I have been to a party before, but I was not to a party like this, I made my way back to what it seems the living room of the house, were everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. I sighed. I took a seat on the couch and then just sat there for a moment and watched as everyone danced.

I looked around at all the people that had fun here, they were enjoying themselves and the girls seem to be flirting with every guy you seen there and I just thought it was crazy. I would not want to dance with anyone here, just saying because it is crazy, Things can happen.

I had felt the sofa sink next to me and then I looked up to see a guy with curly hair sitting next to me, it was Harry just piercing at me.

“I thought you couldn't make it.” He said in a low raspy voice.

“I changed my mind.” I said looking at the green eyed boy.

He nodded his head and then smiled. “Enjoying yourself?”

I shrugged my shoulders, and then his face saddened and then he looked down. “I am sorry that you aren't enjoying yourself, Would you want to enjoy yourself, and Now you look very hot.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

“What do you mean do I want to enjoy myself.” I asked confused.

“Follow me, and I will show you, You are going to have so much fun here.” He said moving from off the couch and so did I and I followed behind him. He had made his way up stairs and I followed behind him.

He had made his way to this room and then opened the door and their was this strange smell inside. I covered my nose and then I had walked inside with him.

I seen a few guys sitting there on the floor and one had a joint in between his fingers and my eyes widened.

"Hey what's up Harry?" One guy said with black hair and then looked at Harry and gave him a small wave.

"Hey, mate." He said to the guy.

"Who is your friend?" He asked looking at me, my body froze up.

"This is Kara." Harry said and then looked at me.

It was silient for a moment.

“Would you want to play a fun game?” Harry asked and then he crossed his arms.

I was speechless.

The smell of smoke entered my nose baked away, I was not sure about this, I looked around at the guys as the room was filled with smoke.

“Oh come on, don't be such a child.” Harry said and rolled his eyes and grabbed me by my forearm and pulled me inside of the room and then he closed the door.

“I know that you will like this game.” He whispered in my ear, making me feel a little tense. Harry had sat me down in the circle with his friends and I felt like I was in big trouble.

“She is going to join our game, if you guys don't mind.” Harry said to his friends.

“Alright, What is your name, Love?” This guy with bluish green eyes said. “I'm Louis by the way.” He added before putting a joint between his lips.

“Zayn here.” Zayn said waving his arm around to get my attention. “Liam and Niall.” He said pointing at the guy that had his hand stuck in a bag of chips and another who was texting on his phone.

"Kara" was all I could say

I looked up at Harry who was looking at me, his friend passed the blunt to him. He put the blunt between his lips puffing it. I watched him as he did. He blew it out moments after, he looked down at me.

“Want some?” He said softly, and offered me some, and I shook my head.

“Come on.” Zayn had said, Harry nudged into me, and then encouraged me too.

“I will make it easy for you.” Harry said putting the joint back to his lips and puffing it, blowing some smoke into my face, I started to cough and look away. “Good, right?”

I rubbed my eyes, I think some of the smoke had got into my eye. I looked back at him as he passed the joint back around to the blonde haired one.

“So, I heard you got into a fight today.” Niall had said before sitting the bag next to him.

“Yeah, Jeff is such a wimp.” Harry scoffed.

They laughed. “Good thing you kicked his arse.” Liam had said looking up from his phone.

I just looked at them as they had there conversation. Is this what they do all the time? I ran my hands through my hair and just sighed.

“Feeling the buzz yet?” Niall had said looking at me taking a puff.

I shook my head. He blew smoke in my face then laughed. So did the rest of them. I looked at Harry who was looking down at me, He gave me a crooked smile.

“Stop teasing her, She is a good girl.” Harry said looking at his friends.

“Oh, wow, Isn't that a coincidence.” Louis blurred, roaring into laughter.

“What?” Harry said snapping his head up at him.

“Harry has himself a little girlfriend.” He said when Niall handed him the joint.

“No, no, This is a misunderstanding.” I said shaking my head.

“Haz, you're getting rejected.” Louis said laughing to himself.

“Am not.” Harry spat.

They were going on and on about this, Niall and Zayn had excused himself from the room, moments after.

“I think they are going back down stairs for a party.” Louis said scrunching up his nose.

“Well, they suck.” Harry said as his arm came around mine and it made me tense up.

I looked at him, he didn't look at me, I guess that is okay?

“You guys have to be dating.” Liam said looking at us. He looked exhausted.

“No, we aren't.” I said looking down, shrugging Harry's arm from off of my shoulder.

I was not dating Harry, I had just began to talking to him, he was just like a half friend half enemy kind of guy.

His arm came from off of me, then he shot a look at me, a smile had slowly began to creep on his face. I rolled my eyes at him. He was possibly high now.

“So, was that game even a game.” I asked.

“Yeah, it is called High or Higher. Whoever gets the highest wins.” Harry said, and then looked down. “Liam won by far.”

I laughed a little and looked at Liam as he made his way to the bag of chips that were next to him.

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