The Bad Boy's Girl


3. Chapter 2

Kara's P.O.V


Tia and I were walking home from school because neither of us had taken our cars. “Oh my god! Kara, look!” Tia gasped, pointing to something behind me. I turned around and my eyes widened in horror as I took in the sight in front of me.

Harry, yes the Harry Styles, Anderson's High School’s bad boy, was beating the living shit out of Jeff Harrington, captain of the football team.

Before my mind could fully comprehend what I was doing, my feet moved from under me and I was running towards them. “Harry! Stop! You’re going to kill him!” I screamed. Harry froze mid-punch and looked up, his green eyes softening almost immediately when they locked on mine. “Harry… please let him go,” I demanded calmly.

He let Jeff’s limp body drop to the ground and Tia was at his side within a matter of seconds. I made my way over to Harry who was sitting on the ground with his head in his hands. A single tear slid down from his eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flowed its way down his pale cheeks, releasing the sadness and sorrow that had been held inside of him for all this time but still he did not make a sound. It broke my heart to see him in such a vulnerable state. I took a seat across from him, neither of us talking until I decided to fill the silence, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” He sniffled. I reached out and ran my finger along the cut on his forehead, wanting so desperately to take away his pain. “Don’t touch me,” He growled but he didn’t pull away. I repeated my actions, this time scooting closer to him, letting my breath fan across his face. He let his head rest on my shoulder. “Don’t touch me,” He growled again, but it came out more as a whisper. “Hey, Kara?” He whispered after a minute or two of silence, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what is it?” I answered softly. “Can you hold me?” He mumbled against my skin. To say I was taken aback by his question was merely an understatement.

I wanted to refuse but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I wrapped my arms around his large body and pulled him into me. He leaned into me, crying silently into the fabric of my sweatshirt.

At that moment, I didn’t care that he was ruining my favorite sweatshirt. I didn’t care that he was the school’s bad boy. I didn’t care that he had a bad reputation. I didn’t care, I didn’t care, and I didn’t care.

All that mattered to me right then was that I was holding a broken boy and I would do everything I possibly could to fix him.

Something in me stung my heart to see him so battered and sitting here with me, the change from him from trying to act so big and brave to turning into someone so vulnerable, Someone who needed someone's shoulder to cry on and be there for them. Harry and I were not on the same terms but I guess helping him was the best thing I could do right now. This mattered to him.

Once he was done feeling a little empty I looked at him, his eyes were glossy, and his nose was red, the paleness in his cheeks had turned into a bright red, Why was he crying? Was it the fact that he was about to kill the guy or was it something more situational than what I had gotten myself too. He wiped his green eyes with the collar of his shirt before he pierced at me. He exhaled slowly. I rubbed his back, It made me feel some sort of release to comfort him, It made me feel as if I helped him through some sort of sorrow that he was feeling.

He stared into space for a moment, before he start speaking to me. He licked his lips. “I-” He began and then looking down at his hands. “I want to thank you, Do you think that you are going anything later tonight?” He questioned me.

I looked over at Tia as she was checking on Jeff who was on just now waking up from being slightly unconscious, Students were also gathered around him with there hands over there mouths and some were taking pictures. How rude.

Harry looked at me, when I was not answering his question.

“No.” I answered in rather a soft tone than I thought.

“Do you think you can come to my party tonight?” He asked, focused on me now, shifting his weight so were he was facing me.

“I don't party as much as you do Harry besides I have dance practice tonight.” I said rolling my eyes.

I saw a sad look on his face once I said that, He pursed his head and nodded looking down at his watch and adjusting it. “Well, thanks, but I should go.”

I understood and then nodded my head slowly. “Bye.”

He didn't say anything, he stoof up with a long sigh and then walked off passing Jeff and Tia up and then Tia came and ran to me.

“You and Harry now?” She said looking at me and then turning around to see Harry walking away still.

“No, He isn't for me.” I said meeting her gaze as she looked at me again.

She nodded her head. “We should help Jeff, or just leave him here.”

He should be okay, but then again, being the caring person I am I walked over to him and shook him to wake him up, He blinked a few times before his eyes met mine and then he groaned and clasped his hand down onto his abdomen.

“Get up.” I said in a whisper.

People had began to walk away from the scene and then that is when his friends came around.

“What happened?” They asked in utter shock.

“Just a fight.” Tia said and then helped Jeff up, His friends wrapped his arm around them.

“We got this.” A blonde haired one said as he wore a joke jersey, and then he backed away and then left along with their friend.

“We need to get out of here.” Tia said and then began to walk pass the people on their phones talking and gossiping about the fight. After school i go straight to dance practice Alex isn't here today but Tia is she loves coming and I love her company. Today I'm working on my solo routine the song I'm using for my solo is a thousand year by Christina Perri the music starts and my body just moves to the music thats what I love most about dance the music just flows trough my body ( thats my routine) after about 4-5 minuets the song ends

as soon as I'm finished Tia gives me a big hug 

"that was great Kara" she said crying she gets so emotional when I dance to songs like this

"thanks wanna come back to mine and we will invite Hannah over" i asked grabbing my stuff and heading to my car

" sure sounds great" she said after that I just drove

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