she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


7. torn apart

michael pov

micheals flashback\\\\\

date last year.. calums house

"we crushed that other team right mike" calum cheered as we walked into his house

"hell yeah we did" luke cheered

"imma go suprise alex" i saying running up the stairs

'al- "

i looked to her under some guy i met at a party was i think he name was ashton

"MICHAEL"she screamed pushing him off her 

i ran down the stairs and out the house not looking back

end of flashback\\\

not agian, she wouldnt why does she do it, like am i not good enough for her or something, fuck it all she just some hoe i guess, she did send a nude to luke and she didnt even know him, damn i cant belive i dated her agian still after everything i still want go back to her, but even with all these feeling im done.

 i hear my phone nonstop ringing i know who it is its alex, so i decide to turn off and i use my house phone to call zoey she one of my closet friends, me and her go way back all the way to fith grade, she a party person thats what i like about her so tonight im most likey gonna get wasted, i dont bother to bring my phone to meet up with her

alex pov\\\\\

me and calum were cuddling on the couch 

"you ok" he asks

"yeah im fine"

"i'll be back" i saying getting up texting micheal for the 1000 time today

calum pov \\\\\

i dont get her why call ashton for a hookup when all she was be in a relationship with mike while having a crush on luke damn this girl, all she told me was it was a misunderstanding

alex pov\\\

i leave the house closing the door behide me right now i needed a walk 

i walked pretty much everywhere when i saw luke laying on the side walk 

"luke!" i run and sit next to him trying to wake him up

"alex?" he qestions he all of a studden he moves my hand causing me me to fell a bit  a pushing my lips on to his 

"luke what the hell, what wrong with you"











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