she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


6. its not what you think

luke pov 

me and the boys were chillin in calum house

do you live here alone i ask

"haha no, i live here with my future ex wife you should know that" 

"your married?!!" 

"no luke u idoit we just call eachother that since our Parnets want us to get married one day, but thats not happening"

"so who is the lucky lady" i ask

he lives with my girlfriend michael butts in

ALEX i yell in shock 

"yeah get hip" calum said

"she not coming here any time soon right" i ask

alexis pov////

im was walking home  alone with my eyes glued on my phone

"hey alex! alex!" someone called out i turned around to see ashton

"hey wait up" she says

i keep walking ignoring the person

"hey stop walking so fast and can i come ove?"

i stop in my tracks

"ashton what do you want , i already said we over for now im not a cheater"

"please just once before you date mike agian" he begs

"im already dating him and i dont wanna ruin it like i did last time because of you"

"hey you wanted to just as mch as i did that day so dont blame me"

"ashton leave me alone"

"fine can i at least of over to use the bathroom"


i walk into my house with ashton following me

"you know where the bathroom is"

i look around i hear voices coming from the living room i walk in and suddenly all eyes were on me 

"babe!" michael yells lifting me in a hug

"miky cant breath"

"sorry" studdenly michael drags me to the other room 

he crashes our lips together 

"michael not now" i say 

"pleaase" he begged 

then we heard a tolit flush 

"ashton? him again? are you serious?!" 

"michael its not what you think' i swear

"yeah sure"

"michael please"

im leaving he said walking out the door








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