she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


3. another one

calum pov

alexis sceamed 

"fam whats wrong" i looked on her phone 

aHHHH i jumped off the couch

i looked at alexis so was gonna sceenshot 

"what are you doing?!" 

"insurance" was all she said 

"insurance for what who sent that" i said 

"why did you scream wait is that the first time ashton sent you a dick pic" i added

"its not ashtons pic dude"

"then who" i asked

lu- i cute her off

"luke as in my best friend luke" i yelled

"hurtful calum im your best friend' she corrected me

"sweetheart your my future ex wife" i said

to be honest im in love with alexis have been since i was in middle school but she thinks of me as her brother my love is one sided

"shut the hell up" she laughs

"are you sure its hemmings" i say 

"WHAT OTHER LUKE DO I KNOW, WHAT DO I DO CAL?!" she asked in a worried tone

"i got a mesage from him......" she said

L: im sorry those boys saw that private message but u can send this to everyone if you want but i have to ask why?

A: what do you mean why?

L: out of all people why me like not to be mean but i dont know you like that and you do know im dating someone right 


alex pov

i looked up from the screen "CALUMMM!!"

"im right here what" he said

"LUKES DATING SOMEONE?!" i yelled a him

"no his not" he defends

"he just told me"

"yo you got rejected when a guy says i got a girlfriend and they dont he mostly wasnt interested sorry girly" 

when i heard those words all i wanted to do is dir

cal pov

"oh my, im gonna to my room, good night" was all she said walking up stairs

she was heart broken i can tell, i know everything about her 





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