Halo: The Unavenged

Tyrin and Natasha have taken over the campsite, leaving Ryan and the other worriers lost and defeated. Between the relationship drama, crazy nightmares, an army of robots from hell, and finding out his birth mother is a literal demon, Ryan's life is more complicated than ever. When Ryan's visions begin to grow more and more intense, showing him things that seem to be straight out of a TV show, he realizes that he can use them to his advantage. As all hopes of a normal life start to fade away for Ryan, his new mission becomes simple: get the team back together so they can take back the campsite. Easier said then done. But what he doesn't realize, is that he may not be looking for help in the right places.


1. Teaser

Sometimes, Tyrin thought that trying was a waste of time. What was the point if no one ever trusted him? What was the point if no one ever believed in him? His own parents didn't trust him, and that was enough to make his blood boil. He could tell by the way they used to look at him. They didn't know what to think. Their child- the one born from two humans- was born with little feathery wings.

It frightened them.

It frightens everyone.

Hell, it even frightened him for a while.

And if his own birth parents didn't trust him, how could he expect Ryan and the others to trust him? Granted, he was conspiring with Lucifer behind their backs, but he had as much as an idea about what was going on as they did. It wasn't like he had any of his memories either.

But what if they were the ones that couldn't be trusted?  

Halo: The Unavenged

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