How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


3. Neighbor

“Éowyn, please take these cookies over to the neighbors.” I groan.


“Mom do I have too?”


“Yes, you made them.”


“Well I would not have made them if I knew that you were going to make me take them over there…” I get mad at my mom. She flinches a little.


“Its good for you to do things like this. So go.”


“Can I take-“


“No sisters, go.” I groan loudly and grab the cookies.


Throwing my shoes on I trudge over next-door noticing that only the blue truck was parked at the house. I walk up the steps and knock on the door.


“Hello?” The door opens to reveal a very handsome guy maybe only a few years older than me; he had deep green eyes with a tint of orange in them. His black hair was flopped on his head and looked messy as if he just woke up, he probably just did wake up too. He looked about six foot and was a medium build; he looked toned as well. “Hello.” I look back up at his perfect lips where he was smirking. Realizing I totally just checked him out and was just standing there with a plate of cookies, I seemed pretty silly.


“Uh, hi.” I stand there awkwardly.


“Are those for me?” He motions towards the plate of cookies.


I nod and quickly hand him the cookies. Turning on my heel I race down the steps and towards the safety of my home. When I arrive at the house my mother looks at me worriedly.


“Are you okay? Were they nice?”


“Him, just him…” I say. I climb the stairs and kiss my sisters goodnight before heading down to my room. I lay back on my queen-sized bed that was just placed in the middle of my room. I look out my large window that faced the street. Instead of seeing the trees and sky, I see his eyes. I shake my head feeling embarrassed. I never even introduced myself. I quickly change into my pajamas and climb into bed. I usually go to sleep pretty early since I don’t sleep all night. Any sleep I can get before midnight helps. I always wake up around midnight from my nightmares then go to sleep around five. Sometimes I play on my phone and read or just stare at the wall. I close my eyes thinking about those green eyes.


It was midnight when I woke up. And I felt like I couldn’t breath. An anxiety attack I thought. I race upstairs and quietly slip out the front door. I stand out in the front yard in my shoes, short shorts and a tank top in the middle of March. There was still some snow on the ground. I began to shiver.


“You okay over there little red?” I turn quickly to find the deep voice. It belonged to my new neighbor who was sitting on his porch in a jacket smoking.


“Uh, yeah…” I stand there silently looking at him, the only sound coming from my deep breathing. The cool air started soothing me and I begin to breathe easy.


“Anxiety attack?” I nod. “I used to get those. I totally get it.” Green eyes stands up and walks over to me. “Smoke?” He offers.


I shake my head no. “Those can kill you…”


“Actually they will kill me one day… I’m trying to quit smoking. I’m just not good at it.” I nod in understanding. We stand there quietly for a while. “Thanks for the cookies. They were good.”


“You’re welcome.”


“I’m James.” He says turning to me offering his hand.


“Éowyn.” I take his hand and shake it. We stand silently once again before I turn to go inside. “Good night.”


“Good night.” I walk inside feeling his gaze upon my back.


The next morning I sleep in a while before heading upstairs. Since I don’t have a job I just kind of lay around reading. I go for walks once in a while as well. Today I decided to take my black lab Rosie with me. I got her all ready attached to her leash as she continuously jumped on me. Obviously she was excited.


“Rosie sit, just give me a second okay?” She calms down a little and sits by the door. I tie up my boots and button up my favorite black jacket before we head out. As soon as we get out the door I hear lots of talking and laughing at James’ house. I look over to see him laughing and showing off his motorcycle to a few guys I recognize from high school. Rosie saw the commotion as well and got excited. She loves people. And sadly this time since they were so close she thought it would be a great idea to run over there. Have I mentioned she is a super strong dog? “Rosie!” I yell as she starts running. I lose my grip on her leash and she runs and jumps on James.


I run over as James leans down and grabs her leash. He pets Rosie and the other guys laugh. “Here you go. Keep her in check next time okay? I don’t want her running into my bike.” He rolls his eyes.


I grab the leash. “Sorry.” I mumble. I storm off feeling completely embarrassed. I reach into my pocket and grab my phone. I don’t usually call my best friend Roxie when she is at work but I had to talk to her.


“Éowyn I’m at work.”


“I know, I know I’m sorry. Just come over after work okay?”


“I’ll be done work in an hour. Ill see you then.”


“Thank you.”



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