How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


7. Flirting and a Date?

“See you later Carson!” I say as Blake, Roxie and I leave the restaurant. He smiles and waves as he jumps into his red truck.


“What was that?” Roxie looks at me bewildered.


“What do you mean?” I ask confused.


“You were completely flirting with him.” Roxie says.


“Was not?”


“You actually were…” Blake agrees with Roxie.


“Was not. We just got along, that’s all.”


“Did he ask for your number?” I nod slowly. “He hasn’t dated anyone in over two years and never hangs out with girls. He rarely even talks to girls. So you must have struck a cord in him.” I look at Blake shocked at this revelation.


“Be careful Éowyn. He may be a great guy but I know you. You fall fast.” I look at Roxie shocked.


“Do not. I used to. But I have changed now.”


“If you say so…” I give Roxie a good glare before sitting in her car. I wait a moment as Blake and Roxie kiss and say goodbye before yelling at them.


“You guys live together!!” At this statement Roxie laughs and steps into the vehicle. I glare at her again.


“Oh shush. I love him okay.” The drive home was silent as I thought through what Roxie and Blake told me about Carson and myself.


“Bye Rox,” I say as I exit the vehicle. “I love you!”


“I love you too! See you in the morning!” I groan at the thought of having to go to the gym in the morning. “Night.” Roxie laughs at me.


I quietly enter my house as it was past midnight and everyone was in bed. I walk down to my room and turn on the light. I quickly take off my makeup in the mirror then slide my dress off my body. This was when I heard a knock on my window. I turn around shocked to see James leaning down looking in. I quickly cover myself with a blanket and rush over to the window closing the blinds. I hear a laugh. I put on my pajamas really fast then open my blinds again to find James still there. I open the window and glare at him.


“What do you want?” I ask with a frustrated tone in my voice.


“I just wanted to let you know your blinds were open… I saw nothing, I promise.”


“Excuse me?”


“Well, I don’t mean you have nothing, I mean I saw something, I mean I didn’t see all of you…” James stutters and I internally laugh.


“Stop digging a hole…” I glare at him. James backs off and heads to his porch lighting a cigarette.  I look down feeling bad at my tone with him. “James?” I call out.


I see James come around the corner of his garage and lean down to the window. “It’s okay, I forgive you.” I smile at him.


“Thanks.” James lets out a sigh of relief. “He looks back into my eyes and whispers. “You looked beautiful tonight.”


I blush a deep red. “Oh, uh, thanks.” I look down at my fingers.


“Also I saw you staring at me this afternoon.” I blush and even deeper red. James laughs. “It’s okay. I forgive you.” James winks at me then stands and heads away from me. I lie down on my bed after closing the blinds and take a deep breath. As I’m about to close my eyes my phone starts vibrating. When I see the unknown number my first thought is James.




“Hey Beautiful.” I hear Carson’s voice on the other end and smile.


“Hi Carson.” I laugh. “What’s up?”


“I was wondering if you wanted to go for a hike tomorrow.” I sit up. “Éowyn?”


“Uh sure.” I reply after a moment.


“Perfect.” I can hear him smiling on the other end. “I’ll pick you up at one tomorrow?”


“Sounds good. I’ll text you my address.” I hang up and lie back thinking about the decision I just made to go on a date with someone I pretty much just met tonight… Was it even a date? I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep for the first time in a while.


“Good morning!” I hear several voices yell as I wake up the next morning. I open my eyes to find Lauryl and Grace jumping on my bed. I smile and pull them down onto me, squeezing them tight.


“Good morning my princess’s.” They smile and cuddle into me. “What time is it Lauryl?”


“Ten thirty.” She says proud of the fact that they let me sleep in.


“Oh darn.” I say sitting up. I still needed to eat before going to the gym. I also needed to find workout clothes in my mess of a dresser…


“Did we do something wrong?” Grace asks.


“No sweetie,” I kiss her forehead. “I just need to get ready. I love you girls. But go upstairs okay. I need to get dressed.” I smile at them as the bounce up the stairs.

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