How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


2. Counseling

“Time to wake up Éowyn.” My mother Amy coos. I’m nineteen you’d think she would treat me like an adult… not a child. “You have counseling in an hour and you need to look for a job today… it’s been long enough.” By long enough she means a week. She thinks that if I get a job I will feel better. Doubtful…


I groan. I honestly don’t talk that much anymore. But I get up anyway as my mother was on her way to work. I have some cereal, which seems to be the only thing I really eat. I love cereal. Pretty much any sugary cereal will make me happy. Though my favorite is Alphabets. Those are the bomb. My step-dad Dan walks into the kitchen with my two stepsisters Grace and Lauryl.


“Morning sissy!” Grace says. Grace is 6 and Lauryl is 10. I love those girls more than anything in the world, they are really the only ones who can get me to talk and play with them. I love kids: that’s why I want to be a teacher. Both girls come over to hug me and I kiss them both on the head.


“Morning my princess’s. Go get ready for school okay?” They nod and rush off. Dan comes over and kissed my head.


“Morning,” Dan says. I love him. He is honestly the most perfect person ever for my mom. They’ve only been married for six months and they are so happy together. Plus he’s hilarious.  I smile up at him. I finish my cereal then check on my sisters. I brush their hair and choose Grace’s outfit. They then go to eat. While they eat I quickly jump in the shower then change into the clothes I brought upstairs. I put on a white long sleeved shirt with black and red tribal signs on it and a pair of skinny jeans. I let the girls in to brush their teeth while I blow-dry my red dyed hair. They laugh when I blow them in the face with the hot air. I giggle along with them. Once they are ready to go, Dan drives them to school. I put on some mascara and eyeliner to brighten my dark brown eyes after I brush my teeth. By that time Dan returns.


“Éowyn, let’s go. You are going to be late for your appointment!” Dan calls down the stairs as I grab my purse.


“Coming.” I quickly put on my shoes then head to our white ford truck. Jumping in the front seat I lay my head against the window. Counseling is the worst. I hate talking about what happened to me. I hate talking period. And this counselor is so depressing. I always leave feeling worse… Dan and I arrive at the counseling place ten minutes later and we get out. Dan always works out at the gym next door while I’m in my appointment. He works shift work so I always just book my appointment while he’s off so that he can drive me. I wave goodbye to him and head into the mental health building. Sheryl my counselor greets me and we head into her room.


“Hello Éowyn,” She says once we arrive to her room and sit down. “How have you been?”

“Good, I guess.” I reply.


“Have you been sleeping?” I shake my head no. “Are you still having nightmares about the incident?” I shake my head yes. Sheryl nods her head and hums to herself as she starts writing stuff down. Does anyone actually know what counselors write down? She could be drawing a picture for all I know.


“I have been eating a bit more.” I say to her.


“That is good. Are you eating healthy?”


“I try to.”


“Have you started exercising yet?”


“I go for a walk every night.” I reply.


Sheryl nods again. “How is your mood? Are you talking more at home?” I shake my head no once again.


“My mood sucks I guess. On a scale from one to ten, it’s about a three. But my mom is forcing me to apply for jobs today.”


“You need to try talking more at home. Also have you been taking your pills?” I nod yes. “Are they helping?” I shrug. “Well, I will recommend that you see a psychiatrist sooner than later. She can see about your meds. Other than that it’s great that you are going to go out there and apply. I think that it will be good for you.”


“That’s what my mom says.” Sheryl nods then notes more on her paper. We talk for another half an hour by the time my time is up. I thank her and leave.


I meet Dan at the gym and we head home to grab my resumes and so he can shower. While he is in the shower I call my mother to let her know that my appointment went well.


“Oh and Éowyn! I heard we are getting a new neighbor today.”


“Cool.” I reply. “Anyways bye mom.”


“Please make them a batch of cookies this afternoon.”


“Yes mom…” I used to love baking, now I don’t really care too… Dan quickly finishes his shower after I finish on the phone then we head out. I decided to apply at the local coffee shop, the recreation center, the grocery store and subway. When we arrived home the neighbors house was being loaded with stuff. A motorcycle was in the garage along with a quad. The big blue truck that must have belonged to the owner pulled a trailer behind it full of stuff. Another truck and trailer was parked behind the blue one. I didn’t see anyone on my way inside. Dan and I had some lunch then I started on the cookies. By the time I finished my cookies and took a nap my sisters had just gotten home. They smelt the cookies and jumped on my bed to wake me up, begging to have a cookie. I can’t say no to them so I let them each have one. I then started on supper with Dan while we waited for my mom to get home from work.


Both my mom and Dan work at the jail. My mom works in programs while Dan is a guard. Dan works shift work. So when he is off we get my sisters, and when he works the girls stay at their mom's house. She lives in town as well. When my mom arrives home from work she hugs everyone with that beautiful smile of hers. I never see my mom grumpy or sad, unless she’s sad about not seeing my two sisters who live with my dad and his new wife. Even when she has a bad day at work she’s chirpy when she gets home.


“Éowyn can you put these cookies on a paper plate please then wrap them with saran wrap?” I do as she says then we sit down to have our dinner. Once we finish dinner I play with my sisters in the living room while mom does the dishes. Dan helps her by drying the dishes. I must say this is a pretty happy family.

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