The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


13. xAberly- Hopeless Romantics

I watched through my window as Michael and Inder walked out of the apartment complex, and I stared as Ashton and Tracie returned together.

"They're such hopeless romantics," I mumbled under my breath. "I hope that I never get boy crazy." 

My phone buzzed. I looked down. 

"Reminder," it read. "Photoshoot at eight A.M. for the nonprofit organization, BeYouTiful. Bring a special guest with you." I looked up and back out the window, then spun around in my rolley office chair and got up.

"Yay! Yayayayayayayayayayaya!" I squealed happily. I had been waiting six months for that, and it was finally here!

Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. I walked over to it and opened it up. There stood Luke, hands behind his back.

"What're you doing here, Luke?" I asked.

He smiled. "Urm, Calum wants to see you. He's in the lobby."

I smiled. "Thanks. Would you mind shutting and locking the door behind me when I leave?" 

He shook his head, and I walked off.

What does Calum want at this hour? I thought. And why did he ask Luke to deliver the message?

When I reached the lobby, though, Calum was there.

"I was waiting for you," he said. He had a crooked smile on and looked on the verge of bursting out into laughter.

"So what do you want?" I asked.

"Want to just walk around the town? I want to see this place at night...," he said, the same look on his face.

"Sure," I said. "But I need my jacket."
Calum was quick to take off his. "Here ya go, Aberly."

I took it and grinned. "By the way, Cal, we only have three hours before curfew, and this city is pretty big, so we might have to do more tomorrow."

"Sounds great," he smiled.

What the *@$! did I just do? I just asked out a dude that I have known for, like, two hours- and they accepted it!


Calum smiled and pecked me on the cheek before we went back into the apartments. 

"Looks like we didn't finish tonight," he said. "We'll just have to do this tomorrow." 

I smiled. "We sure will." I pushed the door open, and, much to my surprise, Calum followed me in.

"Wait, why did you come in?" I asked him.

"The boys and I all made a small deal with our producers and the modeling agency. We'll...well, we'll be here for the rest of the month."

What the he-

"Oh, that's great! What will you be doing?"

"You know, just starring in the magazine with interviews, invading your homepage with our photos and videos, and recording in the local recording studios," he said. 

"Niceee! Well, see you tomorrow!" I said, and rode the elevator with up to the top of the apartment building, where my apartment was located.


I pushed the door open, and I was drenched with ice cold water. I jumped back and growled. I walked forwards into the apartment and tripped. I looked up. There was a rope and an bucket dripping water.

^$%&@#* Luke and Ginnifer. Again. And- whoah, that's why Calum was going to laugh! That's why he called me out! That's why Luke came to get me! It was just for these pranks!
I heard a sound. I opened my closet. Out came a large potbellied pig, squealing loudly.

I cursed. "Ginnifer, Luke, get back in here!" I screamed. I grabbed the pig before it could get out of my apartment and slammed the door. At least pets were allowed in these apartments.

I heard snickers in my room. I looked around. I didn't see them. I got down on my knees and looked under my bed when I suddenly felt something slimy come down my shirt. "AHHH!" I yelled. I spun around.

There was Luke and Ginnifer, holding in laughter. 

"AHHH!" I yelled again.

They burst out laughing. Ginnifer sounded like a dying chicken.

"What the &^$# was that?" I yelped.

"Oh, just a banana peel aged under your bed that I found...," said Ginnifer.

I cursed over and over and over. 

Luke, meanwhile, was sitting over in the corner laughing and saying, "Chick fight!"

"Oh, and you're not out of this either, mister!" I said. Luke laughed, opened the door, and ran out.

Just like that, it was calm again. I guess that I had it coming. The others had already been pranked. Well, all but...

"What did you do to Tracie?" I asked.

Ginnifer dug in her purse and pulled out a bag. "We stole all of her underwear. We stole her phone. We stole her credit cards. I think that the last two are for the better," she said.

I laughed, but I suddenly stopped. "Tomorrow is the BeYouTiful shoot. I should go tell Tracie real quick."

I left Ginnifer yelling ,"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSS! YESSS....," happily.

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