The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


7. Inder - Unsure Photoshoot

All of us girls sat in a white dressing room that was filled with hair and makeup things as we got all dolled up. Every time there was the tiniest noise in the hallway, one of the girls would dash for the door to see if it was one of the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer.

“You guys do know they’re just guys. Right?” I said as my stylist Jean started working on my smokey eye makeup.

“Hot Aussie guys, though!” Aberly smiled.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes.

We made our way to the set, where the photographers were already talking to a group of four guys. I had to admit they were cute. Super cute!

And we were doing a photoshoot with them for a magazine? Amazing!

“Ladies!” said the photo guy. The photographer was Nell, who we'd worked with a few times in the past. He smiled. “Beautiful as always. Have you met the guys?”

“Not yet,” Ginnifer said. Ginnifer smirked, stepping forward. The guys from 5 Seconds of Summer walked over to us. Wow, even better up close.

“Hey, I’m Ginnifer," said Ginnifer, pasting on her most winning smile," and this is Tracie, Inder, and Aberly.” She pointed to each other us.

"Hey"s and "Hi"s echoed through the group of guys. I could feel them staring at us.

“We going to start with group photos and then pairs!” Nell said.

We all gathered together for one huge group photo first before heading outside to get some "organic" pair photos.

“Talk, smile, have fun! You're young, live it!” Nell called.

I looped arms with Ginnifer, who was talking with Calum- well, flirting with Calum.

“Inder, Ginnifer, Calum, come on!” Nell yelled. We joined him and the rest of the guys and girls and started walking.

Looking around, I saw a messy blonde boy wearing a tee-shirt and skinny jeans, and he had an eyebrow and his ears pierced. His wrist was full of bracelets of all kinds and part of a tattoo peeked out from his jacket. And he, Michael, in all his glory, was watching me. I quickly looked away and kept walking with the group.

We stopped on this little gray brick bridge to take some more photos. I balanced on the it's ledge, and walked to the end of it. I bumped into someone almost fell. I screamed.

Arms wrapped around me, pulling me back and stopping me from falling into the river. I looked up to see Michael's smirking face. I pushed off of him.

“Thanks, but I can handle myself,” I said, brushing myself off.

Right then, Tracie walked by. I was the only girl in skinny jeans. Ginnifer and Tracie got short dresses (really, really short dresses) that made them look hot, while Aberly wore a skirt that fell just above her knees and a tank-top that showed off her middle.

I jumped on Aberly's back, causing us both to laugh. She carried me around me around the park until the photographer called us over to take more photos.


It was an hour later and the guys were starting to warm up to me. We were doing a corner set. There was a huge red wall, a lamp post, a fancy chair, and that was it. Michael was standing off to the side. I walked over. He was leaning his side against the wall. I place my back against it, lifting up my foot and placing it against the wall too.

“Sorry about earlier,” I apologized.

He looked at me, eyebrows lifted.

“It's just... I take my work serious," I sighed.

“I’ll remember that next time," he said. He wasn't looking at me, but rather out at the blue sky and the blinding sun.

“Inder, Michael! Over here!” Nell called over to us.

We both looked over to where Nell stood and the camera snapped.

“Time to pair off. Inder and Michael, you two together. You guys get to choose who you want to be with, but seeing as you two-” he pointed at us-“are in some mood, you’ll be a great, gloomy pair.” I giggled.

Nell took photos of me and Michael first.

First, he snapped us standing by the wall. He then moved us to the bench that was five feet away. Michael leaned on the back of it and I stretched my legs across the seat.

“So?” He looked at me. “Always this much fun?”

I smiled. “You don't want to mess with me. Ask the girls.”

“Other than this, what do you like to do?” he asked.

Is he talking just for the shoot or because he wants to know?

“Inder, stand on the bench and hold out your hand. Michael takes it as if you're going to help her down," said Nell, and we obeyed.

“Why?” I ask him.

“Jus’ wondin’,” he replied. 

The camera snapped, then Michael and I's photos were almost over for now. Later we would take some more if there was enough time.

I looked at Michael, puzzled, unsure. Warnings were flashing left and right, but I just couldn't figure him out.

We shot photos at two more places before it was time for the next pair to go, which was Tracie and Ashton.

(Written by KayCee K.)


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