The Models

4 pretty girls. 4 pretty boys. 1 big event brings them together.


10. Ginnifer- Ooh, DRAMA

"So how do you do this?" Calum asked. 

I smiled. "Like this!" I looked at the camera and put a hand on my hair and put a hand on my hip. Then I switched. Then I did a pose with my legs crossed and my hands behind my back.

Calum laughed. "Oh, like this?" He walked up next to me and did a greek girl pose, then he puckered his lips out and put a hand underneath his chin and put a hand on his hip.

I lost it. I burst out laughing, and not my flirty laugh, but my laugh that was like a chicken, with snorts and all.


Nell took a photo. I was shocked. I pointed at the camera.


"Oh, my close up?" Calum turned to the camera and blew a kiss to it.


I laughed even harder. So hard that I flopped over on the ground.


I looked up. Calum was there, offering me a hand. I pulled up, but I (ahem) accidentally pulled him down.

In the middle of him falling, there was a snap!

When he reached the ground, he laughed.


"I barely know you and you already took me down. How great," he said.

I laughed. I pushed myself up. He did as well.

"Calum, Ginnifer, next set! To the corner set, please! Ginnifer in the chair. Calum, do something. I see you're good at improv."
I reached the chair and I sat down, legs dangling from one armrest, my elbows resting on the other one. Calum grabbed the lamp and held it like a microphone. 

I laughed, even though I was trying to stay serious.


Another pose.



On and on it went, Calum making me laugh every time.

"Okay, everybody, take a break! Group photo in ten!" said Nell.


"Why so flirty today, Ginn?" asked Aberly, laughing beside Luke and I. I had sat down on the other side of Aberly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said, although I obviously did. "It was Calum who was flirting."
"Let me go see about him, then," she said, walking over to Calum.

This left me and Luke. 

"So you aren't usually that flirty?" he said, smiling.

"Not usually, no," I said. I paused. "Maybe." I winked.

Luke laughed. 

There was a pause.

"So you and Aberly got a thing, do you?" I asked.

Luke looked at me. "Sure, we're friends."

"Nothing more?"
"No, that kiss was staged. So you and Cal?"
"Maybe." I winked again.

"Well, I think Aberly is kind of with Cal, too. Don't look now, but they're flirting up a storm."

I looked behind me. Sure enough, they were giggling and talking and punching each other lightly in the arms. "Urgh."

There was another pause.

"So Ginnifer, do you want to help me do something?"

"You know how today's April Fool's?"
"How could I forget?" I remembered this morning.

"What do you say that we fill some water balloons with glue and throw them at them?"
"You are someone after my own heart, Luke. Sure!"

"Wait- why don't we throw them at everyone?"
"Sounds like a plan!"



(Written by The Yeti)

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